Hello, i just wanna know one thing, if i bought a microsoft Arc mouse or a microsoft Arc keyboard, would it work on a linux OS like Ubuntu or Suse or something like that ?

thanks :)

iam very interested in working with suse linux latest version&fedora latest version but i have no much bandwidth to download the linux os so offer me any Email id’s for recieving these linux (i.e),fedora latest version or suse latest version by postal or courier with free of cost…..
please help me!…….and give suitable remedy for it.Iam awaiting for the idea it’s urgent….please!

What is the Fastest Linux OS?

I want to know what the fastest Linux OS is, and that will be able to run World of Warcraft smoothly

I Need a Linux OS that works with a E220 dongle?

Can anyone recommend a lightweight Linux OS that works with a 3 Huwei E220 dongle? The laptop is a v.old 400Mhz Celeron with 128Mb RAM, but is only needed for surfing. Thanks

I just want to confirm if anyone has ever used Google Chrome on Mandriva 2009.0.
NOT on 2009.1 or 2010

if yes, could you please give me links to the rpm and procedures how you successfully got it to work? thanks a bunch.

I need it badly. My boss wants me to test a site in Google Chrome but I can’t since my workstation here at the office uses Mandriva 2009.0 and it’s my first time to work with a Linux OS.
Thank you hawklord. I have come to that conclusion as well. Now, I want to know how could I update Mandriva to 2010.1? I’m a newbie with Linux OS. Thanks

Which Linux OS is good for me?

Hello, Im currently in grade 12 and im wanting to find a good OS to use for my university years.

So Im running vista and in getting Windows 7 but I’m wanting to try a Linux OS. I tried Fedora, Ubuntu and Mint OS, but I have troubles (i.e unfamiliar to the RPM and other commands) and I had some trouble with my graphic card :(

So here is my System specs:

-Intel Core2 QUAD @ 2.33GHz
-nVIDIA 9500GS
-802.11b/g wireless

Note that I might be getting a laptop but the specs above are of my desktop)

So which Linux OS should I try?

Im looking for:
-Something easy to use (but I don’t mind challenges or learning something new)
-Im used to more a KDE then GNOME
-Easy to customize
-Good platform for Development and research and data analyzing/creating/modifying and also good for using Engineering/Scientific Applications (need that as im going into aerospace)
-Good for documenting and office working (i.e Microsoft Office or any variant and able to use Adobe)
-Good for multimedia
-Good for gaming
-good for leisure use
-very good system tools and a great security system
-and just overall very efficient, powerful, long lasting, and the ability to utilize new Technology (i.e. touch screen)

Please and thank you and I know some people might say stick with Windows, but I don’t want to be in trouble of viruses and data loss.

Thanks in advance :)

How can I open a zip file on a Linux OS?

I reaceently installed the LInux OS in my PC and now the sound is not working, does anybody know what can I used and or do to fix the problem?
Thanks in advance

Which is the best linux os for programing?

I am searching for a linux os that I can use best for prograaming, also I would like if it could boot nice on a netbook……..

I have an Acer Aspire One A110 and its been quite a fun little project computer. I installed and extra 1Gb ram and switched the Linux OS for XP (will try and get Windows 7 on it one day) but the only thing holding it back is the poxy 8Gb slow ass SSD drive. I want to upgrade it whether its to 30GB or 250GB anything is better than 8GB plus it is in bits at the moment, that was fun but I thought while it is in bits I might as well get a HDD because I have found loads of tutorials but I am afraid of getting a 2.5 inch one because I am no good at small electronics and rewiring. I want to simply plug in the zif cable and it works.

Something like this


Please help asap. Btw I am in the UK and please I am trying to avoid eBay atm.

My brother has a linux os computer and he wants to install windows 7 using my disc. Any help?

For people wanting to download media files on? And are all Linux os’s free or atleast the good ones? Is there any point of me putting linux on my d drive so I can switch back and fourth from windows 7 to Linux?

what was the first linux os ever?

Does anyone know what the first linux os was ever?

how to remove linux os from my laptop?

How can I remove the linux os from my laptop’s hard drive?

I want it to replace the OS my hard drive is using but I dont know how. If its possible, can someone describe the steps to do so because these Linux OS’s seem like they are only used before the computer boots with its OS.

Swapping Suse Linux OS for another Linux OS?

Can anyone tell me if I can swap out Suse Linux 10.2 for another Linux OS? I’m not too happy with the version I have & I want to replace it. I upgraded from Suse Linux 10.1 to 10.2 but it just used up more of my memory which is running critically low. I don’t know how to use the other partition either which has 28 GB’s of memory. PLEASE ANYONE, HELP!

I personally think that the linux OSes, need to develop their WINE more.

Contact hardware manufactures and software developers to ask them to make a Linux version or to have it open source (hardware manufacturers only)

Make it that the main Linux OS, have a universal installing program. Right now its .rpm for fedora and .deb for ubuntu and Debian.

Promoting Linux operating systems through multimedia platforms (IE: tv, radio, ads)

I am building a computer looking for a good linux os to use. Im getting the rest of the parts for my computer in the mail soon. Just wondering how to install it after I put everything together. Is it just like installing windows on a new pc by just putting in the disk or is there more steps?

What would be some nice features on my Linux OS?

I am developing a Linux OS based on OpenSUSE. It is for General Use what would be some nice features?
Also, What Desktop enviroment should I use?

I originally had Windows 7, then due to a registry error, it messed up and wouldn’t boot again. I used the Mandriva Linux install disc to format the hard drive but now when I boot the computer with the Windows 7 install disc, it does not acknowledge the disc (even though it is set to read the disc from the BIOS). It simply continues straight to the Linux OS. It is not a disc issue either as I have back-ups.
Thanks in advance.

I heard that there is many Linux OS’s out there but I want a free one which I can use on my x64 i7 System. I do alot of video editing and converting. Also do music DJing and play games on my system.

trying to find a linux os that will install on my t6420 E Machine

what tv tuner is compatible with asus eee pc that has a linux os?

Hello everyone !

I want to know about server hosting service providers in English.

Because I want to open my blog sites with WordPress.

Requires that the following conditions are met.

1. A very low fee.
2. Common Linux OS such as CentOS. (Not Windows server)
3. User can set wordpress freely.
4. Fully functional condition without errors about using WordPress. (very important point !)
5. Perl, PHP and other things without restrictions.
5. The trial period for free
6. Visa card available
7. Provides better support for using e-mail

I am a Japanese living in Japan, so very poor English :-(

Please reply in simple English, if possible with URL.

Thank you ;-)

I want to change my OS (Vista) to any Linux OS that supports My Laptop with out any trouble.

Trying to figure out if you can host a Linux OS on a Cisco Router. Cisco config’s usually doesn’t take up that much space in memory and I’m trying to find out if anyone has tried to place a small version on the Linux Operation System on a Cisco Router. If so, were you successful? How can this be done? Thanks so much