For those who know and understand Linux…?

I’m thinking in migrate from Windows to a Linux operating system… But the main problem to do it is the Linux applications, which I don’t know very well. Could you tell/recommend some applications to me?
I need a good image editor (like Corel Draw and Photoshop in Windows);
A good media player (like Windows Media Player);
A good download manager (like Free Download Manager in Windows);
A nice media converter (like FormatFactory for Windows);
And a nice sound editor.
Those kind of applications are the ones which I use more, so, I need them.
And could you tell me what is your favorite Linux distro too?
Thanks, and sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes.
* With download manager, I meant an application for download common files from web, like music and other suff.

Can you advice me some linux distro that would fit on a 260 MB hard drive?

I have an older pentium where i would like to put it to practice comands and run some linux applications.

I want to build a Linux distro?

I want to build a linux distro which is entirely terminal based. I’m considering LFS and I want to include only terminal based applications. But I want it to be as simple as possible. No long commands to remember or anything like that. Anyone want to form a team?

why don’t any linux distros work on my system?

ok first of all
i had a nvidia 6200 ealrier and only ubuntu amd 64 version(7.10 and 7.04 worked) when i tried to boot up any opther live cd or any linux distro it showed an error ,even if i dowloaded an x64 architecture ,it would load up to some extent and then say no bootable device found ,so as i told u that only ubuntu x64 version worked and i was happy but then i upgraded my system and changed my video card to nvidia 9600gt and ubuntu starts but there is no display ,i tried the live cd also then also no desplay

pc specs:
intel core 2 duo 1.86ghz
motherboard:intel dg965ry
3 gb ram (ddr2)
500 gb hard disk sata 7200 rpm(partitioned into four drives )
nvidia 9600gt

i only changed my graphic card ,rest of the system was untouched
will this live cd work

Kubuntu 8.10 64-bit

Would this be a good linux distro?

My Linux Distro will be based on openSUSE 11.3 and use GNOME 2.30 because it is more user friendly than KDE. It will also include an awesome theme. I know what needs fixing such as usability, stability. I also need some ideas for my software selection. They must be available in an .rpm format.

It is developed by Dillsoft (Who I own). It’s name is Dillsoft Ice One.

It is for general users (Like ubuntu, windows is).

Hello all. I’m a Windows user, but I’d like to try out a Linux distro. I’m looking for an OS that has a similar GUI to windows and similar applications, with high compatibility with Windows programs. I was thinking of Ubuntu. Do you guys have any better suggestions? Thanks.

If there were a Linux distro. that could run all Windows applications how hard would it hit Microsoft?

Is Mandriva a good Linux Distribution?

I’ve been using a lot of Linux distros lately, and the only one I really like is Mandriva? Is it a good Linux distro?

Which linux distro is the best for programming?

I have an old pc Pentium 4 with Intel motherboard. I need a linux distro to be installed for programming purposes and also to learn more about system programming. It should be good for programming C, C++ & Unix. Should I get a debian, rpm, gentoo / slackware based? kde desktop would be preferable. Thanks in advance!

My Linux distro is ‘Ubuntu’, when I double-click the .RPM files I get told by my system that it is not a valid archive. When I extract the .TAR.GZ file I get a bunch of files I cant do anything (productive) with. Please help.

I'm unsatisfied with Windows, so I've been looking for a good Linux distro. Mandriva seems good, with good hardware support. Has anyone trying Mandriva Linux 07, particulary the One LiveCD edition? And does it contain Atheros WiFi support like it said?

I have a dual boot partition disk, with Windows XP Professional and this Linux distro as the OSs. However, RedHat isn't opening (error message pops up) for some days. So, how do I remove this from my computer??? I don't really want it anymore. Detailed instructions please.