I know of more games that are for Microsoft than there is for Apple Inc. and Linux. How come the other two never really entered the video game market?

I’m currently using Microsoft’s Windows XP. How can I change it to Linux Operating System? X

My friend is kind of a nerd and I am not but I do agree with her that microsoft products tend to be somewhat suckish. (No, I’m not into Mac.) Do you have to be brilliant or rich to use Linux? What can it do? I don’t think I would know how to survive without Windows.

? about WordPress, BlueHost, Hostgator & Linux?

I have a GoDaddy domain. I’ve been reading about hosts and hear that Bluehost & Hostgator work well with WordPress. Just now I come across a site though that explains that Hostgater run on Linux which is an operating system? like Windows. I have a computer that runs Vista. If I get Hostgator to host my site, will this Linux program somehow mess with the rest of my computer?
Please excuse my ignorance. I’m trying to learn…
And from what I understand I need to get WP from WP.org and not WP.com because I need to be able to add code. Is this the version I will get if I sign with a host???

cisco or linux or microsoft?

i want to do networking.i completed bsc computers through distance mode.
plz suggest me which is easy to learn ccna or Linux or Microsoft ?
what is the salary for 1 year experienced ccna professional?
please answer my all quations….

I have a 80gb hd with win xp on it and i tried installing suse linux the i cancled…it shrunk my windows partition to 33gb and made its own partion… but it only shows 33g hd in windows now…how do i gt it back wihout reinstalling windows i need 80gb back…it list other volumes on drive in device manager but they are uneccelsible, only 33gb with windows is accesible… it is one hd

Which Linux distribution should I get?

I’m fairly novice with Linux. I’ve used Ubuntu before, and I’m thinking about building a Linux box out of spare parts that I have. I was thinking about getting Debian Linux. What would you guys recommend?

What Linux Distribution should I use!?

Okay I can say I KNOW Linux I have been using for a year but I have tried many Distro’s but there is always a lag, is it my PC because I know for sure it used to run XP and I have low ram and the standard graphics card.
Here are what I have encountered:

Ubunutu 11.04- I really like Unity, but don’t really like it is using Shell so I can’t really use Compiz, Plus I get a few lags that forces me to do a hard reset. I want to see if on 11.10 the lags are fixed

Kubuntu 11.04- I like KDE but it reminds me so much of windows and looks sooooo user friendly. My webcam is not supported. Rocksoul webcam. And desktop effects are always turned off.

Fedora 15- I LOVE IT!! Something that is for advanced users but the FullScreen for online videos would only work ONCE!

Now, I have Linux Mint and OpenSUSE on the waiting list, But Mint is still on the normal Gnome and not 3, I have heard you can install both rpm and deb. and OpenSUSE well the animal scares me.

Now what do you Recommend DOING!?

Which of the following operating systems is open-source software?
A) Macintosh Operating System
B) Unix
C) Windows Operating System
D) Linux

cisco or linux or microsoft?

i want to do networking.i completed bsc computers through distance mode.
plz suggest me which is easy to learn ccna or Linux or Microsoft ?
what is the salary for 1 year experienced ccna professional?
please answer my all quations….

which of these linux os is best?

I usually use Windows XP. now i swiched to Ubuntu & wanted to know is this the best linux can do or anyone of these are better?

Red Hat
Santa Fe Linux
Yellow Dog

Mandriva Linux 2008.1?

when you download Mandriva Linux 2008.1 do you have to install it? or is it a non install os system

what debian linux in HP Pavilion DV 6933cl?

I know it has Intel Core 2 Duo T5750, all I know is that it is 64 bit? I am trying to figure out what version of debian linux to use. The debian site with all the options would be the following: http://www.debian.org/CD/torrent-cd/ Please help me with this.

In the FBS (frequency-based schedler) in Linux redhat version, where is the fbswait() function defined at? I am doing some porting from a different Unix machine to this one and need more details on this function from the FBS group. Thanks!
I really meant I want to know where the definition is cause in fbsched.h it’s an ‘extern’ type. I can’t find the def anywhere. Thanks!

Someone explain open source to me please.?

What is the motivation for people to write open source software? Who pays the developers that wrote linux? I understand why people write small open source programs, but who would spend all that time to get nothing in return???
I know what open source is, I’m in college to be a programmer……I guess what I wanna know is, do the developers of linux get paid??? If so who pays them???? How was Linux financed???

i want to use yahoo messenger in linux mandrake 10.1
i’m new to linux .send me details………

Hi , I am using Open SuSe Linux 10.3 .. i was using , while Gnome Desktop TaskBar Disappeared… what should i do to regain….

We have just purchased a dedicated server from fasthosts, running Linux Redhat Enterprise 5, however our script needs PHP 5.2.0 and the version installed is 5.1.6 – Can anyone tell us how to upgrade this, i have found various things online but none seem to work. A step by step would be great. Fasthosts customer support aparently say "its out of their range of support, as per usual. very unhelpful after spending over £1,000!"


My little brother doesn’t like linux, because of the way it is set up, and doesn’t like windows because he’s afraid of getting virus and spyware and stuff. Any thoughts
I don’t know how to change a program

how to install linux native with windows 7?

My basic operating system is windows 7 , and Recently i need linux for some applications, i want some steps to run linux with windows without using virtual machine , thanks

Firewire Drives and SuSE Linux 9.0?

I can’t get my firewire drive to be detected with SuSE Linux 9.0. Is there anything I need to do to make this happen?

Does linux open source receiver need LNB?

If I buy a linux open source receiver, do I still need LNB or it works as long as I connect it to internet?

I partitioned a small portion of my laptops hard drive to install redhat Linux, and when I start up my computer it is defaulting to Linux. How do I change this to windows 7?

why is Linux Mint going Debian?

Linux Mint was based off Ubuntu, which is based off Debian. Why are they going to base it off Debian when it sort of already is? Also, where can I find Linux Mint 11 with KDE? I don’t have anything against Gnome, it’s a wonderful and stable DE but my eyes simply like KDE better.

Right now I am running Ubuntu 11.04 natty and I don’t like it what is the best Linux open source provider I can use to make my computer more efficient?