Is it as good as she says!

Main concern is computer wont work with software I’m use to such as office 2007 and also last time i installed linux it was SO confusing?

I have installed Windows XP and Redhat Linux on my computer. My windows XP is corrupt. I am planning to reinstall XP but I dont know how to do it without doing anything. Last time when I formatted the drive where XP was installed, even my redhat linux got deleted. Please give me the complete instructions to reinstall Windows XP without harming Redhat Linux.

Vista treats every one the same, example: Your an Idiot and Vista knows better, I am beta testing Vista and I get annoyed after trying to install a program, getting asked twice if I am sure I really want to let it install, there are many different anoyances like that. I emailed Microsoft and asked them if the would add a Prefesional mode for people who know what they are doing to unlock certain systems but I doubt they’ll listen. I mean the Last time I needed training wheels on anything I was 5, so why is Microsoft giving us an OS with training wheels?

I made it work the last time but I don’t remember how I did that