I’ve changed the boot order to Optical drive "first" so that it boots from the WinXP CD in the drive, that didn’t work -it simply booted into Mandriva. I also tried it with SATA "disabled", then with SATA "enabled"…either way, the laptop just kept ignoring the WinXP CD and booted into Mandriva. Can someone help out, I absolutely hate Mndriva (while I love Ubuntu and Fedora). Thanx.

I am trying to learn a new OS and want to know which one would be the most user friendly Bilk you for all I can Gates can just suffer with a FEW LESS BUCKS IN HIS POCKET 5 computers times 0 I think not
Thanks Doug this helps just waiting for it to download ( laptop is a bit slow tonight)

I’ve chosen Computer Science instead of Music, so I need a cheap but useful comouter for programming (an older OS would do (no older than Windows 98)). It requires serial ports and some USBs would not hurt either. It would also need to be able to run 2 pertitions because I will require Linux too.

Laptop prefered.


I have found a laptop for £200 that gives more than some other laptops i’ve been interested in which cost £80 more and I think this is because the £200 laptop has linux for its o/s.

I’ve never used linux. How easy would be it be to write reports (I’m a student and going to sea in march, gotta right reports at sea too >.>) and have them compatible with microsoft word.

What about the music on my pc that i would wish to transfer, mp3′s and media player tunes?

Or should I pay a bit extra for an o/s i’m familiar with.

Oh the laptop is this one:

Acer Aspire One A150-Aw
The extension won’t be .doc with linux, is the extension compatabile or easily changeable, so the document can be opened on word?
The issue is compatability with microsoft o/s that the college uses. I’ll happily write a report on the given word processor but i can’t be having to download programs at the college (not allowed) so I can open up my report to edit/print off without character/font changes or issues like that.

I have a new laptop which came with pre-installed windows 7. I want two linux systems redhat and ubuntu on them for educational purposes. I am new to linux systems and don’t even know a single command of it. I am only comfortable with the windows systems. But for the college syllabus, I need the two linux systems. Now can anyone please explain me how do I install both the linux systems on the laptop, so that I can use windows 7, ubuntu and redhat simultaneously on that laptop. I recently tried to install ubuntu on my desktop. I even succeeded in installing it. But after that there was no trace of windows 7. I had then to format and reinstall my windows 7. Please tell me a way so that I do not have to lose my windows 7 and install the remaining to systems.

I wanna buy a new laptop but I can’t afford a Windows license at the very moment. So I was thinking of using some version of Linux, one that is easy to install and use, and as the title says, preferably similar to Windows.

My everyday applications will be word editing (preferably Microsoft Office but Open Office will also do…), network / LAN / Internet access, working with USB sticks etc.

Thank you for any reccomendation.

Dear friends,

I bought a Laptop with preloaded Suse Linux Enterprise Edition 10.1 operating system. Now i want to install oracle 10g in this OS. i dont know whether i can install it or not. I got into the oracle download site, and i found oracle 10g download links for linux x86. what is this linux x86?? what is the difference between the Suse Linux Enterprise Edition 10.1 and linux x86. can i install my oracle 10g in Suse Linux Enterprise Edition 10.1?? guide me and give me some links for to download the oracle 10g…

thanks in advance

is there any laptop that comes with linux (redhat) or unix (solaris) OS installed on it as it’s main OS??

Hi, i want to keep my current os windows xp but install linux mint. Is it possible to do this by partitioning, if so how do i do it?

Also, will this slow down my laptop or anything like that? Remove any programs etc. Will it all be safe?

Thank you :D

I Need a Linux OS that works with a E220 dongle?

Can anyone recommend a lightweight Linux OS that works with a 3 Huwei E220 dongle? The laptop is a v.old 400Mhz Celeron with 128Mb RAM, but is only needed for surfing. Thanks

I’m switching to ubuntu but i dont know yet where to download the drivers for my laptop.

It brings a desktop background and hangs. And I have to switch off the laptop from its switch or plug to use it.

How do I install Linux on my laptop?

I would like to install Linux as my main operating system on my laptop. I currently have windows XP installed on my Compaq Presario 700. I am having major problems with my laptop and this seems like a perfect time to start over and learn some stuff about linux. I would like to wipe out everything on this laptop, Windows included and start fresh with linux. My main use of this laptop is "internet surfing/learning linux" as it is a little older and I have better computers for other applications.
Here are my system stats,
900mhz mobile AMD processor
CD rom and floppy drive

So my question is, where do I start? How can I wipe out everthing on this computer and install Linux?

Linux question.?

I have a Atheros wifi adapter in my laptop. i just installed kubuntu. i was told that i had to install a madwifi thing to get the atheros adapter to work in linux. it reconizes networks. but just cannot connect to them. the madwifi thing is a red hat package manager file. how do i get rpm’s to install on kubuntu?


I am trying to download the free client software (version 5) at playchess.com but cannot open on my eee laptop that runs linux. I have also downloaded the WINE program as I was told this would open all windows based downloads, but I cannot even open that! i must be doing much wrong, any specific east to interpret answers would be appreciated.

x server failed to start- Linux Debian?

I was trying to configure the resolution of my laptop, when i restarted i get this error, do i need to reinstall the entire system? research on the internet helped a little, X -configure was helpful, it told me that the error was that the system couldn’t find a mouse! how can i edit the x server file from the command line so as to fix this, please any suggestions would be extremely thanked…please!

Internet on acer aspire 5310 laptop with Linux OS?

Hi all,
I’m using acer laptop [acer aspire 5130 + Fedora 7 ]
i want to know does any(airtel,bsnl,tata)
data card supports linux OS?
Which is simple and best one to use?

how to remove linux os from my laptop?

How can I remove the linux os from my laptop’s hard drive?

Which Linux distribution would you suggest me?

I am thinking of dual-booting windows 7 32-bit and a linux distribution on my laptop.I need a distribution which will be as small as possible(I don’t care what applications it will have) and fast.Also,bear in mind that I am not an experienced linux user.

How do I uninstall linux Mandriva?

I have Linux Mandriva dual booting with Windows Vista on my laptop and I want to uninstall Mandriva so I can install Ubuntu. I’ve read similar questions to this and a lot of them said I need a boot CD. Well I only have system recovery discs that came with my computer. I also saw that I could use the Win98 boot Floppy disc. Well my laptop doesn’t have a floppy disc drive – is there anywhere I can get it on CD? Where do I get that? It would also help if you could mention the steps to uninstall it like the commands to type, etc. Thank you so much if you answer.

I found one i thought was cool called MiniMe 2008 and I got the .iso file and burned it to a disk. Then I popped it in and it didn’t work.

So that shows that that wont work….

So I figure that it’s because this laptop isn’t exactly brand new but it isn’t so old at all.

How do install this OS or how do i get another one to work?

By the way, free please…

This question has been on my mind all summer long. As I prepare for class in the fall I have been searching the interw3bs for a new laptop. This reason for wanting one is I have been using a eMac running Fedora 8-12 and I love it, but I think it is time to move on to something more portable. My three biggest concerns with buying a new notebook are in this order

Functionality (Programs "just work". and Program compatibility)(GPU, CPU,ect.)
Battery Life (7 hours or better —–> would be nice if i can get that performance on GNU?Linux)
Aesthetics (Oooooooo Shiny)

I am going to college to become an engineer. I don’t know which field of engineering but I know I want to build a better future for my home town and small villages in the 3rd world. The software I use now is all open source but don’t know if I can get away with using it in a college environment where AutoDesk and Adobe are king.


Thank You in advanced.

I don’t mind Apple’s closed system when it comes to iTunes and all that I have ways around that. But, they are showing great interest in F/OSS. Even if I run Windows ( another closed system) i still have to pay for the software. Might as well go closed source with open source benefits.

I have been using Ubuntu for awhile on my laptop, but I’m a linguist and I need to use multiple keyboard layouts; however, Ubuntu only allows you to assign four different layouts at one time. I am really fond of Linux products and don’t intend to go back to Windows any time soon, so I was wondering if there was another form of Linux that would solve this problem for me, because I need 7-8 different layouts.

Windows Vista and SuSE Linux Dual Boot?

I have Windows vista installed on my laptop. I have some free space to install SuSE Linux 10,
I’ve done a dual boot configuration before but the problem is that the linux GURB boot loader become the machine default loader and when I for any reason decide to to delete the linux I’ll lose my windows , is there ant way I can install SuSE Linux without changing the boot order? I mean that the windows boot first with an option to pick the Linux like installing Vista and Xp as dual boot.


I recently installed mandriva linux on my laptop but I realized I’m going to need to put windows back on the computer to play a couple of games I can’t get to work with wine. Whats the process for installing a dual boot of linux and windows with linux already being installed?