mandriva linux help?

i need some help with somethings

first in KDE when i watch a vid in you tube and it finish loading firefox keep closing ramdom times
in gnome firefox crashes at random times

and i want Xfce and fluxbox how do i get it

i don’t have package manager and don’t recomend another OS
i use mandriva one 2008

I currently use Mandriva 2008 KDE One, and I want to know more about PCLinuxOS.

prompt, i get an error saying ‘configure: error: in the prefix, you have chosen, there are no KDE headers installed. This will fail. So, check this and please use another prefix. What do i need to do to get this to work?

I just setup Pardus (distro of Linux), and it uses KDE (K Desktop Environment), I had used Ubuntu before and that uses Debian (I am right?)

So what is the difference between Debian and KDE and does this limit me from using certain applications(programs), does it make anything harder/easier

What are the cons/pros of KDE and Debian (Why are there different Desktop Environments?)

is there a reason for me to switch to Ubuntu (I want to start with a good OS, and Pardus seems to be easier to use, but its easier to find documentation on Ubuntu)

there is ubuntu that comes with KDE? not my Q but….

So does KDE and Debian support all aplications

Which Linux OS is good for me?

Hello, Im currently in grade 12 and im wanting to find a good OS to use for my university years.

So Im running vista and in getting Windows 7 but I’m wanting to try a Linux OS. I tried Fedora, Ubuntu and Mint OS, but I have troubles (i.e unfamiliar to the RPM and other commands) and I had some trouble with my graphic card :(

So here is my System specs:

-Intel Core2 QUAD @ 2.33GHz
-nVIDIA 9500GS
-802.11b/g wireless

Note that I might be getting a laptop but the specs above are of my desktop)

So which Linux OS should I try?

Im looking for:
-Something easy to use (but I don’t mind challenges or learning something new)
-Im used to more a KDE then GNOME
-Easy to customize
-Good platform for Development and research and data analyzing/creating/modifying and also good for using Engineering/Scientific Applications (need that as im going into aerospace)
-Good for documenting and office working (i.e Microsoft Office or any variant and able to use Adobe)
-Good for multimedia
-Good for gaming
-good for leisure use
-very good system tools and a great security system
-and just overall very efficient, powerful, long lasting, and the ability to utilize new Technology (i.e. touch screen)

Please and thank you and I know some people might say stick with Windows, but I don’t want to be in trouble of viruses and data loss.

Thanks in advance :)

Would this be a good linux distro?

My Linux Distro will be based on openSUSE 11.3 and use GNOME 2.30 because it is more user friendly than KDE. It will also include an awesome theme. I know what needs fixing such as usability, stability. I also need some ideas for my software selection. They must be available in an .rpm format.

It is developed by Dillsoft (Who I own). It’s name is Dillsoft Ice One.

It is for general users (Like ubuntu, windows is).

I am new to linux.
I have installed Mandriva linux 2006 that came in 3 cd’s pack.
Installation went without any problem and it asked me to reboot after installation.
On rebooting its asking something like Localhost- Userid: and password.
If i enter the user name and password, its taking me to shell promt with that user name.
how can i enter the KDE or GNOME environment.

1) I can’t CHMOD for my external HD via "root" it says that my HD is on read only access

2) "root" cannot use KDE :( and I prefer to use KDE than Gnome

Who else is excited about Mandriva linux 2009?

linux users r u excited, it will be the first kde 4.1 distro and they r one of the few linux distributions I like plus I heard that Cyber link may make a linux bluray player and that may be included in the Power Pack.
I didn’t know so many people liked Mandriva……lol ;)