Wireless internet issues in SuSE Linux?

I have just installed SuSE Linux on my computer along side Windows XP and Windows Vista. Everything works great except for my wireless internet. I have configured my wireless card (Linksys WMP54G) with ndiswrapper and I can finally see all of the local wireless networks. I clicked on linksys (my wireless network) and it gets to 57% and then it hangs and disconnects. I have tried manually entering the IP address and Subnet Mask from the Windows XP part of my computer and it connected, but I could not access the internet. PLEASE HELP!!!!

I had configured my own linux box and hosted a Java web application using Tomcat server.When I access http://linux_box_ip:8080 on my linux box it works well.Then when I tried to access this application by typing the http://linux_box_ip:8080 in a web browser from a windows xp box, I can’t access my web application. Can anyone tell me what needs to be configured in order to access my linux box from windows box? BTW my linux ip address is dynamic and allocated by my ISP/cable company comcast. Thanks in advance…

SUSE Linux Internet Install Question?

I am currently installing SUSE Linux over an internet connection via one CD with the mini ISO copied onto it. People were very kind to help me figure out why it wasn’t working so well on another question, but this question regards installation repositories. Can you suggest a good site for it to contact to get the information? I need the full http address, as well as the IP address. Thank you in advance for the tech help! Can’t wait to wean myself off Windows entirely!

What is in your opinion the best web server like Linux version out there?

I’m currently running Linux Mandrake 10.2 and am having trouble making Apache host websites out of my Linux Server, Ive tried getting to it through another browser via its IP address but nothing (wont even ping it)happens, says no server availabel?? What should i do?

I’m new to the Linux world, and chose to go with the SUSE Linux distribution. I recently upgraded from SUSE Linux 10.0 to version 10.2. While I can see my Linksys router, I don’t seem to be able to connect to the Internet.
On a Windows XP PC, a person would have to "obtain an IP address automatically". I think that it should be the same on my SUSE Linux OS, but do not know how to enable that feature.