what debian linux in HP Pavilion DV 6933cl?

I know it has Intel Core 2 Duo T5750, all I know is that it is 64 bit? I am trying to figure out what version of debian linux to use. The debian site with all the options would be the following: http://www.debian.org/CD/torrent-cd/ Please help me with this.

I would like the comparison to be on other hardware platforms too. Other then x86 (Intel) hardware.

I have PC that configration is
Processor – D processor 2.88
Mother board – D102CG Intel chipset
Ram-512 ddr-2
HDD- Sata 80 GB
already in C: drive installed XP-II & D: drive also free here. but when i install redhat linux 9.0 system find error crc & hard drive not found i think they problem create Sata HDD. if have any driver for sata HDD for installation Linux. i want help. plz help me & solve my problem. Someone know’s HDD driver link for sata plz send link in your answer..

I have many ideas on how Linux could make a better OS for netbooks and intel atoms but I can’t do it myself because I don’t know how to even make an application. I got ideas like UI and designs plus many more things.

i have problem with my pc when installing Redhat linux-9 no hard disk
driver found message comes how to install Redhat linux-9 in my system
* iam using SATA harddisk of 80gb
* MotherBoard-Intel Pentium p4 3.0ghz 915chipset
Please any body help me!

What do you think whether AMD (Athlon, Duron, Sempron, etc) or Intel Pentium etc, which one is the best in computer ?

What do you think whether Window, Linux, Apple or other operating system which one do you like ? which one is the best one ?

In Linux which one is the best ( whether Red Hat, Mandrake, Debian, Knopix or etc) ?

how i install linux in d946gzis mother board?

when I try to install linux (mandrake / fedora both) in intel desktop board d946gzis it occured problem.. after booting from boot cd when I press enter to boot machine is blank in mandrake and hanging in probeing PCI in fedora.

OS X and Linux what the differences ?

I have a macbook intel etc… with os x tiger and i have parallels , i have read all about linux and am thinking of installing it BUT why do i need it as most of the linux applications are available on os x !?! is there any significant difference between the two os ? i am a moderate user on computers and am just starting to learn to write code

why don’t any linux distros work on my system?

ok first of all
i had a nvidia 6200 ealrier and only ubuntu amd 64 version(7.10 and 7.04 worked) when i tried to boot up any opther live cd or any linux distro it showed an error ,even if i dowloaded an x64 architecture ,it would load up to some extent and then say no bootable device found ,so as i told u that only ubuntu x64 version worked and i was happy but then i upgraded my system and changed my video card to nvidia 9600gt and ubuntu starts but there is no display ,i tried the live cd also then also no desplay

pc specs:
intel core 2 duo 1.86ghz
motherboard:intel dg965ry
3 gb ram (ddr2)
500 gb hard disk sata 7200 rpm(partitioned into four drives )
nvidia 9600gt

i only changed my graphic card ,rest of the system was untouched
will this live cd work

Kubuntu 8.10 64-bit

linux debian wireless apapter troublshooting?

Hello, I recently installed my intel pro 2200 bg wireless network adapter on Debian. It seems to work since I can see numerous wireless networks in network manager. However, when I try to connect it just keeps trying to connect and the asks me for my WEP pass phrase. I haven’t managed to connect once. What could be the problem? I know my pass phrase is correct. I am new to Linux. I went to system>preferences>network manager editor….there I entered my 128 bit pass phrase…but when I exit and check back it isn’t set to pass phrase but WEP 64/128 bit HEX …does this have something to with it or is it normal?

(yes, this is a server n00b question)

One potential host has Apache/1.3.33 (Debian GNU/Linux) server type…

And the other one has an Intel C2Q Q9300 Single Processor Quad Core.

Which one is better, if all else is equal?

This is just for running a personal site, btw. And I’m NOT BUYING A SERVER, I’m trying to choose between 2 hosts with the above mentioned servers.

Thanks in advance.

CPU usage trouble in Mandriva linux?

If I open doxbox with 600000 cycles, then my 3Ghz Intel Core2Duo cpu usage just jumps upto 100% on both cpu0 and cpu1. If I open system monitor from Gnome, then two processes named doxbox show up each with 43% cpu usage. Other programs run fine. What is the problem?
It is cpu cycles.

(yes, this is a server n00b question)

One potential host has a Debian GNU/Linux server.

And the other one has an Intel C2Q Q9300 Single Processor Quad Core.

Which one is better, if all else is equal?

This is just for running a personal site, btw. And I’m NOT BUYING A SERVER, I’m trying to choose between 2 hosts with the above mentioned servers.

Thanks in advance.

Linux Mandriva and other…?

I tried to run Linux Mandriva on my Computer, but during the boot from the cd I get a message saying:
"Loop image not found, dropping you to a limited shell. Type a command" and then there is a list of commands, but no matter what command I type in, nothing happens.

I ran the cd on a virtual machine and it worked.
I have enough HardDrive space, 512MB RAM, 3.06GHz Intel processor.

I would also like to know what is the best version of Linux I can use instead of windows? I have the latest releases of Ubuntu and Kubuntu which installed and worked on my computer.

:-) Thanks

I have a dell inspiron 6400/E1505 with Intel pro 3945 abg card.
I have tried linux suse 10.1 and Fedora 5.0 but it doesn’t work.

I found some procedures on google.com but they looked like for Linux-Pros!! I am just a beginer on Linux.

Can anyone help with step by steps? Or suggest which version of Linux is compatible with intel pro 3945 wireless card?

Which brands of wireless cards offer open source drivers for them?

I ASSUME Intel and Atheros do, while the others do not (Broadcom, Realtek, etc). Can anybody confirm this?
I know they don’t need to be open source for them to work, but I’m pretty sure Broadcom is closed source and not only that, they’re very piss poor quality. I’m sure if they were open source, community developers would jump on the code to improve on them. I’m just curious which companies ARE open source because I want to support them by buying their products instead of closed source companies.

Ok so i got everything right with this installation.
Everything boots right in perfect.
Im running Ubuntu Linux Fiesty Fawn 7.04 on Microsoft’s Virtual PC console.
I have a problem when i try to apply the
‘Desktop Effects’ i enable them and then poof my screen turns white i cannot see absolutely anything! After that Ubuntu automatically turns this feature off (about 5 sec)
This is the most important reason in why i was trying out Linux to make it my primary OS because of the work effeciency that you get for example using the cube effect.
I find that Linux runs pretty slow! i allocate 512 mb of ram to Microsoft Virtual PC and i notice that Windows XP and Ubuntu are not even close in speed!
Please note that:

Windows XP and Fiesty Fawn are running side by side and Linux is a lot slower than XP!!!!
My Computer Specs are:
Intel Pentium 4 3.20 ghz
1 GB DDR Ram
200 GB SATA internal Hard drive
250 GB Seagate external Hard drive
ATI Radeon X1550 PCI (not PCI-Express :[ )

DESPERATE linux mandriva help?

I just installed linux mandriva and now it wont read my wireless card, which is intel 2200 b/g. I went to the intel site and found the package to install it for linux. Now I have a whole bunch of files and I dont know how to install any of them. How do I install a wireless card on linux mandriva?!

My hardware configuration is
2.66/Intel Original GLVG/512/80 GB Sata/CD-RW/….
Does my configuration support to install redhat linux as enterprise. Pleas suggest me

Can I run the following software on Ubuntu Linux?

*Maplestory (a game from Nexon)
*Intel PROSet/Wireless

I was using windows xp,by this time i installed Redhat Linux. My xp has become corrupted, as i tried to install xp again, it shows "press any key to boot from cd…" when i press any key it appears a black screen.and my installation part does not start… what should i do. my mother board is ECS intel chipset.

Which version of Debian linux?

I want to install the new Debian 5.0 release but I’m not sure which version is the one for my PC. I have an intel core 2 quad, so Im not sure if I should use the x386 release, which I understand is for 32 bit systems or the amd64 release, which also supports EM64T based Intel processors. Any help?

I have a Intel 2200 b/g wireless card internal to my Dell 6000 laptop. I have tried to install various drivers with no luck yet.
Funny you should mention, Ubuntu, I installed it first and it did the same thing, no wireless card is detected.

I have installed Linux Redhat 9 once using an older version of virtual pc. Is it still possible to install linux in new microsoft version of virtual pc 2007.. and i haven’t use a Mac OS system yet.. i like to learn about it. so is it possible to install a Mac OS using virtual pc in a intel-centrino base system?

I need to know if I can actually install and run win ME INSIDE Linux. I know I can install linux inside windows, but I am not sure of the opposite. I’m currently running winME and mandrake-Linux 8.0 Powerpack Edition on a dual boot system, on a 530 mhz Intel computer. If you know of a method to install winMe under Linux, so that windows runs inside Linux, let me know.