Would like command line version, preferably for Linux, so that I can write shell scripts to specify which images to string together.

What is Mandriva dual arch cd image?

I went to the mandriva linux site and i saw 64 and 32 bit DVD images. Along with them, I saw a 2010 Spring dual-arch ISO. what is it?

How do I burn Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 to a dvd?

I want to know how to burn Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 to my dvd. I have a folder that says, yellowdog-5.0.1-phoenix-20070511-PS3. In the folder I have; etc, images, ppc, ps3, reportdata, Yellowdog, .discinfo, releasenotes, rpm gpg key. Which files do I burn to the cd?!

IMPORTANT: I also don’t know what type of burning process I should do. Should I do a data disk?! I’m clueless here!

I’ve been trying to burn PlayStation images, but every application in Linux only seems to write at 10x speed or more, but the PS only recognizes CD’s burned at 2x. Is there any software which allows us Linux users to burn images at 2x?

Linux (debian) Canon PowerShot A95?

I have a Canon PowerShot A95, on my laptop I am running Linux (debian) I need help downloading my pictures when I plug my camera into my laptop and turn on my camera I get a pop up which says ~Camera has been detected ~ and it gives me the option to inport the images. I press inport and nothing happens please help

I brun 3 images on 3 disc but not sure what to do from here. I need Linux for hostgator and yea imma Noob! ;-)

thanks for all the help you can give me :)
I am running xp

WordPress integration questions?

I contacted my webhost to find out on whether i can run WordPress?

I’m an absolute beginner. I want to be able to keep my site fresh and up to date with articles and images. And i’m assuming wordpress can get the job done. The thing is my site was developed using xhtml and css. How can i integrate WordPress for this site.

This is what i sent to my webhost (got this from the wordpress.org website).

I’m interested in running the open-source WordPress blogging software and I was wondering if my (www.energyworkforce.net) supported the following:

* PHP 4.3 or greater
* MySQL 4.0 or greater
* The mod_rewrite Apache module

And this is the reply i got from my webhost…

hosted under Windows Platform. It support PHP, MySQL but do not support for mod_rewrite Apache module. You might need to transfer to linux Platform.

Now what do i do? What is this mod_rewrite Apache module. What does it do? And whawwt is my next plan? Do i move to a Linux Platform as advised or can i still use WordPress with the Windows platform.

I know i’ve asked alot. Thanking you all in advanced.