Harry Potter Prop making?

I really want to make some props from the Harry Potter films like anything really cool. I dont want to make any wands but I really want to make some cool stuff like, text books, sweet wrappers, special items, a flying key, a mandrake some weird stuff like that I wondered if anyone knew how to make some stuff like this in any way or had some experience of making your own props, or cool HP stuff.
Thanks :)

New Harry Potter book title?

So, the new title is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I’m from Romania, and people here have roughly translated that into something that sounds like "HP and the killer holy men". Which, honestly, sounds completely dumb! I’ve looked into a webster dictionary, and i found out that Hallow means to sanctify, to make holy, but it also means a cry, a shout of exultation, to shout something… neither of the explanations were holy persons. Also, the explanation for Deathly said, among other things, something indicating death. My question might sound stupid, but can anyone actually tell me what it means? Like explain the title to me… Could it be explained by, let’s say, Harry Potter and the cries that remind us of death? or the cries that suggest death? not deadly cries (like the mandrake roots :P ) but something like lily’s cry that harry hears when he faints… Please help me….
ok, sorry if my question was too confusing for some… anyway, could it possibly be that deathly hallows means deathly cries? just check out a dictionary. Hallow (and not hOllow) has a secondary meaning as "cry, shout". And why would Valley of death make more sense for Romania??

windows vs. Linux Debian Ubuntu, DSL etc etc?

simple questions. Can you use linux the same way you use windows? does it use a point and click interface? Do you have to know a lot about command line and do you have to build your operating system? or can you just pop in a live cd like windows and everything more or less is done for you? I’m sick of Windows Linux users could you give me some feedback?
What I’m looking for is a version that has a gui like you said your grandmother is using Ubuntu. I need something that will support a virtual PBX like FreePBX or something and hopefully install it for me. Maybe CentOS? Ideas?
I’m also operating under the assumption that command line is like command prompt in windows. Correct? I have had some experience with that. It’s just that there are so many flavors. I tried a dual boot with an Ubuntu ISO and got 187 instances(basically systemic) of keylogger .com It could’ve just com from the mirror but I was on the Official Ubuntu site. Also why do you say that Debian is slower? That was my first choice considering I’m running HP AMD64

(And I mean unbootable in Linux AND Windows XP.) I was trying to install Mandrake’s edition of Linux to be swappable with XP on my HP Windows Media Player PC. Although I tried to be careful about creating the partition on an empty area of the disk, I somehow managed to screw it up. All my data are still there, but I can’t access it. I’d like to be able to restore without reinstalling XP, since that requires reformatting the drive. I’ve tried Partition Commander, Fix-It Utilities 6, and also have a Knoppix DVD that I can boot from.


How do you get internet to work propley on Linux?!?

I have got a live disc version of Mandriva Linux, and also Slackware Linux, but I do not know which Drivers I need to get them to work with wireless??!!

I am using a HP Compaq with an AMD Turion 64 x2 processor, and a Broadcom wireless card.

Can anyone help?! :]


Ok, i have an hp pavilion laptop. It came with Vista, and I just recently installed Ubuntu to dual boot with Vista. The wireless connection switch is on and working with vista, but with Ubuntu, it is off even when I switch it to the on side. I’d really like it if you could help me out so that I can use the internet on the Ubuntu browser!

I installed Mandriva on my other laptop (for non-dual boot). I was switching from openSUSE. I got to the whole restart phase but when my computer restarted, the graphics started looking very jagged and faded and eventually, before getting to any significant screen, my screen turns into a faded light blue-green screen with nothing on it. My computer stays like that. My first instinct (i’m a linux newbie) was to panic and force the computer to be turned off by holding the on/off button. Once I tried to turn it on again, not even the BIOS screen appears. THe screens starts out all black then turns into the light-blue green screen. At no point do I see any sort of text. Pressing any key buttons (such as Delete, f8, etc) that BIOSes recognize the computer just makes beeping sounds but still nothing on the screen. I don’t know what to do. Please help!!!

The laptop is an HP Pentium 4, 3 ghz, 1GB of RAM, Ati video card *I forget the model*.

Open Source and/or Freeware RIP's?

I have an HP 3500cp 54" printer. It has a built in "mini RIP." I have read that a proper RIP will improve performance and quality.

Is there a open source under linux or windows available? My net searches don’t seem to yield anything conclusive.

I use an hp Pavilion Pent. 4. Current HD with Win. XP. I would say I’m an "intermediate user". Thanks in advance.

Preferably one that runs well on an HP/Compaq laptop.

I’ve tried ubuntu 7.10 64bit, but it was VERY unstable. The OS locked up or crashed randomly regardless of what I was doing or the time of the crash.

I have an hp pavillion dv6000 and the mandriva is on pendrive linux ( for info on that go to www.pendrivelinux.com
send me the links

It originally was installed on an HP laptop using Windows Vista.

I want to try a Linux based OS on my machine as dual boot system w/ Windows Vista. Found lots of info in net, tried Ubuntu Live CD (without install), however cannot decide which OS will be the best for me. I’m not experienced w/ Linux and just want to try open source soft. I researched all of these distributions http://www.linux.com/distributions/ Is out there something else I don’t know about? Also the question is which distribution will work the best on my machine which is HP Pavillion dv9420us, see http://www.shopping.hp.com/webapp/shopping/product_detail.do?storeName=computer_store&landing=computers&category=notebooks/dv9000z_series&subcat1=rts&catLevel=3&product_code=GA354UA%23ABA&tab=detailed_specs#defaultAnchor Thanks!
Can I try other OS without installing them (like Ubuntu)?

Is it okay to put Linux 2008 OS on an HP?

My uncle gave me a HP which he got from Walmart. He reformatted it but it doesn’t recognize any OS (it had Windows XP before). The sticker on the computer says it’s designed for Windows XP but I just bought Linux OS 2008 and want to try it. Will it screw anything up? I don’t want to pay 0+ for Windows XP or even deal with Microsoft anymore.

I really need a complete and Comprehensive set of instructions. I have an old HP runing 98, and well… I hate 98. So i would like to use and try Linux. Or if there is a cool apple Mac os emulater that would run, that would be great. Please help me!