Computer freezes up?

I have a Compaq that has been acting up lately. I had Windows XP Home Ed. installed on it. I was having problems because windows would not even load up. I attempted to perform full recovery on the hard drive. But it would freeze on the process. I assumed it must have been a windows, so I decided wipe everything and install Linux Mandrake on that machine. The computer still freezes during the linux intallation process. What could be causing this?

I am teaching at a school with a Microsoft Windows based network. I am considering ordering 15 Cherrypal Africa netbooks with linux operating system and 160GB hard drive for my students to use in the classroom. I need to know if I order these computers, can they access the network drives to save files on the school network and can they connect to networked printers for the students to print their assignments? Any help in this matter would be greately appreciated. Thanks

I have x386 machines and I wanted to know where to get either a CD (or create one) that is a live CD that will allow me to boot up from it and then let me partition my hard drive (I need to keep my Windows) install preferably redhat linux with fedora desktop. I think that’s KDE. I then can get dual boot. Canonical will give you the CD for free for its Ubuntu. I wanted to know if there is some site where I can get the redhat stuff in a similar fashion. Thanks.

I recently installed Linux….and by mistake both my emergency hard drive and windows boot files were deleted…i reinstalled Windows but the problem now is i dont have the system files that come with a Vaio originally… i also dont have the CD recovery set….is there anyway i can get these applications back can i download it from any site??? thanx in advance

I have PC that configration is
Processor – D processor 2.88
Mother board – D102CG Intel chipset
Ram-512 ddr-2
HDD- Sata 80 GB
already in C: drive installed XP-II & D: drive also free here. but when i install redhat linux 9.0 system find error crc & hard drive not found i think they problem create Sata HDD. if have any driver for sata HDD for installation Linux. i want help. plz help me & solve my problem. Someone know’s HDD driver link for sata plz send link in your answer..

I read RMS’s entire bio an I don’t recall Debian ever popping up in it. I love (and need to install the most recent version of ubuntu, but hard drive is messed at present) linux; it’s my fave OS by far! Peaceful, great community, open source, good beliefs and mentality etc.

I know GNU is rms’s deal, gpl and the like. GNU’s not unix I understand GNU and linux completely; don’t understand debian.
linux is linus torvald’s kernal
I don’t understand why and how almost all gnu/linux packages are .deb?? WTF is going on ?

Is software for linux called "debian"? If so, that seems annoying ridiculous. what’s going on with that? cheers. thanks.
Can you install Debian os/gui like GNOME/GNU? IF so, why do I rarely ever see such OS?
To what does debian refer?

GNU refers to the non-kernal part of "linux"?

Suse Linux Fat pf NTFS?

Should I use FAT file system or NTFS for Suse Linux? Will the installer partition my hard drive for me or do I need to?

what will become of all my media files, do i have to format my whole hard drive or just uninstall windows. linux is open source, correct? if not it is cheaper than win-XP. ive read some horror stories that without a computer science degree you have no chance of making it work. are these lies planted by microsoft? please include anything else you may feel is pertinent

How do I uninstall Mandriva Linux?

About a year back I divided my hard drive into 3 drives with 24 GB, 14 GB and 42 GB. I installed Linux on the 14 GB partition and now the partition is no longer available through Windows XP.
I’ve got no idea if I’m using LILO or GRUB. I can’t seem to figure it out.
I want to get that memory back to Windows by uninstalling Linux.
Can anyone please point me to a site, or please explain how that’s done?

Thanks in advance.

Why does my computer always crash?

Everytime i play any kind of audio or video (more specifically with audio) my computer crashes! Its a selfmade computer with an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ CPU, 2gb of memory, and 74 gb 10,000 rpm hard drive.

The computer hasnt been running correctly ever since the power went out one day and obviously my computer shut down. When i booted it up again, it ALWAYS freezes when audio/video plays. I have updated all the drivers for both audio/video and done windows update.

I have the same problem witn windows 2000, win xp pro, win xp 64bit AND linux! Is it my motherboard or soundcard (creative audigy 2)?

One more thing to note is my motherboard has an ATI video chipset with PCI express x16 and i’m using a NVIDIA pci video card (very old school). I havnt bought a new video card (pci express ATI) due to this issue, i dont want to waste my money.

Linux vs Microsoft windows XP?

Ok i heard the Linux is a great OS but i have windows XP Professional. So I want Linux but I also want to keep my windows(dual boot…I think thats what its called..idk) cause i have many video games and plan on getting a few more in a few days so I’m not sure if they will run on Linux so it would be nice to have windows there at my disposal.I want to be able to switch between linux and windows and have data like video games,music and other documents on both.

So is this possible?

How much space will this take up?

Will my PC run slower?

Also i heard on this web site:

that I can just download Linux with out going through all the BOIS and booting stuff (because I don’t have a clue about how I would do it)

Will this work?

Any Linux AND/or XP users out there got any good info/tips/ad vis?
And what are some disadvantages of Linux running with windows like it said in the web site.
I also want to use Compiz Fusion so another reason Linux looks cool.
But will both run as if the other wasn’t even there like my games would work on windows even if they don’t run on Linux
Another thing is I don’t want to use the CD(the website i posted mentions a way that doesn’t need a CD and no extra hard drive or what ever please give it a quick look before answering(sorry for not mentioning this sooner.

I installed mandriva, and my disk drive got broken shortly after. So I tried to update to the newest version and nothing works, plus it stayed at Mandriva 2009 instead of 2010. I can’t open urpmi, can’t install things from .RPM packages, can’t update, etc. etc. and graphic acceleration won’t (can’t) start, I have to run metacity from terminal and everything goes very slow. Nothing works now, what do I do?
and yes, I have tried replacing the kernel, as suggested before.

Thanks in advance.
No, no. My DVD drive broke, so I can’t put a new CD in to install Linux. It’s not the hard drive. ;)
Let me assure you, NOTHING works, not even booting from USB… I’m not new to Linux, I have tried USB booting, Unetbootin, etc. Not even that will work. It’s not the hard drive and I’m starting to think that the only way I can fix it is to get a new DVD drive, but that will take a long time to get for me.

I have a laptop someone gave me with a full linux Debian OS on it. I have windows setup disc so now all I have to do is change the boot-up sequence and windows setup will automatically repartition my hard drive?

How do I do this?

Can you advice me some linux distro that would fit on a 260 MB hard drive?

I have an older pentium where i would like to put it to practice comands and run some linux applications.

Hi guys. I was using Linux for the last two years but finally caved in and bought an old computer for my girlfriend to use her iphone on. My question is whether I can just remove the hard drive I have on my Everex TC2502 Green gPC w/ Via C7-D Processor (Some quick specs 1.5 Ghz, 512 MB DDR2 533 MHz SDRAM, 80GB Hard Drive Disk, 7200 RPM, UniChrome processor IGP) to the "new" used IBM ThinkCentre S51 Desktop PC – Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz, 1GB DDR333, 40GB HDD, CD-ROM, Windows XP Pro (more specs small form factor, 2 expansion slots, 3GHz, 7200 RPM).
How do I set it up to where Windows is the main OS (primary driver), and I can access files eg music, photos and videos on the older computer?
I hope I provided enough tech details to assist solving this question, any other details, email and I will update asap. Thank you.
Hey, I don’t want to use Linux if I don’t have to. I was just wondering if there was any way I could use the 80GB of memory that are on the old computer, via making the new computer that is running Wondows only, a 120 GB computer? While I like Linux, we need to use Windows for the time being. Thannk you.

How does one run puppy linux in such a manner?

I would like to keep a distro of puppy linux on a flash drive and I would like to keep all the downloads, applications, system files, boot sectors, etc. on the same flash drive so that it serves as a hard drive in a way.
Is there any way for me to do that?

I have an Acer Aspire One A110 and its been quite a fun little project computer. I installed and extra 1Gb ram and switched the Linux OS for XP (will try and get Windows 7 on it one day) but the only thing holding it back is the poxy 8Gb slow ass SSD drive. I want to upgrade it whether its to 30GB or 250GB anything is better than 8GB plus it is in bits at the moment, that was fun but I thought while it is in bits I might as well get a HDD because I have found loads of tutorials but I am afraid of getting a 2.5 inch one because I am no good at small electronics and rewiring. I want to simply plug in the zif cable and it works.

Something like this

Please help asap. Btw I am in the UK and please I am trying to avoid eBay atm.

how to remove linux os from my laptop?

How can I remove the linux os from my laptop’s hard drive?

I want it to replace the OS my hard drive is using but I dont know how. If its possible, can someone describe the steps to do so because these Linux OS’s seem like they are only used before the computer boots with its OS.

Be specific and please don’t include any optical drives needed for operation, such as a cd, floppy, or a usb, to boot, just on the hard drive

I dont have linux yet but im seriously considering cleanin my hard drive and puttin linux on it (for the 5th time)….but i always go back to windows because i cant use my ipod with it…..and im not dual booting…..soo what application will work with the new shuffle that has voiceover????


Me and my dad are trying to do a duel boot. He installed Debian already and now we went to install XP but the computer wont boot the cd. We have various XP disks but none of them will boot from Cd. He even tryed to configure the BIOS so that it ONLY boots from cdrom, but alas no luck.

Is there any other way we can install XP, or maybe copy XP from another hard drive onto this one?

hes a smart guy and i only know a little big… but im asking for him… so any ideas would be apriciated

I originally had Windows 7, then due to a registry error, it messed up and wouldn’t boot again. I used the Mandriva Linux install disc to format the hard drive but now when I boot the computer with the Windows 7 install disc, it does not acknowledge the disc (even though it is set to read the disc from the BIOS). It simply continues straight to the Linux OS. It is not a disc issue either as I have back-ups.
Thanks in advance.


I’m thinking of partitioning my hard-drive so I can switch between Linux and my current OS, Vista, but I fear I may lose data from my Documents folder. and if my older brother finds out I completely switched to Linux or trashed Vista he’s gonna kill me!

So, can I lose any vital data when I partition my hard-drive?

I’m fixing laptop, and the hard drive has several bad sectors on it. My intent is to get windows back on it (it is a friends computer), but windows won’t install until these bad sectors are fixed. I was able to load ubuntu on the laptop as a temporary fix and so I have an os to help the diagnosis and extract some data from the corrupt windows installation. Is there any disk checking utilities avaliable for linux that also attempts to repair bad sectors?