i am having a virus on my windows XP, it is called SCCVIHOST.exe, i am not able to delete it by any means, i even formatted the C partition but with no succes also

so i installed LINUX Mandrake 9 on the same PC having the virus so that i can delete the virus from linux by logging into the other paritions dealing with windows:

i was able to install linux and log into the windows partition, but i am not able to delete the files of this virus, the system tells me, that these are read only file system, how can i solve this? if it helps, i got this error when trying to delete the file from the WINDOWS folder !

another question which may sound stupid, i am not able to log into into folders with (spaces) in their names, for example, if i have a folder named (new folder), i write (cd new folder/) but it does not work! linux cannot find the specified folder !!

PLZ any help will be great, i dont want to format the whole Hard disk, thx a lot

im thinking of getting rid of xp an getting linux because xp takes up alot of hard disk and ram space. but ther is a problem if i get linux, i wont be able to install windows meida player and office. what applications does the VERY SMALL linux operating system come with?

i have problem with my pc when installing Redhat linux-9 no hard disk
driver found message comes how to install Redhat linux-9 in my system
* iam using SATA harddisk of 80gb
* MotherBoard-Intel Pentium p4 3.0ghz 915chipset
Please any body help me!

this error
(hdlists not found come when i make the partition of the hard disk
and after i customize the File System
linux swap
so please
what it is the mean of this error
and how can i solve it

thank you for your time

Can't install the redhat linux 9?

I want to install the redhat linux 9.but failed.I put the disk1 into cd-rom and boot from the cd-rom.Succeed to enter install menu,but when i continue to install,the misstake appeared.It said can’t find the drivers.Does it can’ find my hard disk? How to solve ?

I use Athlon64 3000+ nv550 STAT 160G

Any Specific Hard Disk partion format needed ? & which to install first FEDORA8 or WINDOWS when having multiple operating System ??

Install Debian Linux with grml?

is it possible to install debian without a usb or cd drive at all? Just purely install from the hard disk using grub and grml to boot the iso?

why don’t any linux distros work on my system?

ok first of all
i had a nvidia 6200 ealrier and only ubuntu amd 64 version(7.10 and 7.04 worked) when i tried to boot up any opther live cd or any linux distro it showed an error ,even if i dowloaded an x64 architecture ,it would load up to some extent and then say no bootable device found ,so as i told u that only ubuntu x64 version worked and i was happy but then i upgraded my system and changed my video card to nvidia 9600gt and ubuntu starts but there is no display ,i tried the live cd also then also no desplay

pc specs:
intel core 2 duo 1.86ghz
motherboard:intel dg965ry
3 gb ram (ddr2)
500 gb hard disk sata 7200 rpm(partitioned into four drives )
nvidia 9600gt

i only changed my graphic card ,rest of the system was untouched
will this live cd work

Kubuntu 8.10 64-bit

i want to install redhat linux …but as linux some different file system then windows ..how will i go about.i have 4 partitions on the hard disk..i can use one..pls advice how can i delete this partition and install linux there

I already have 2 computers each with Windows Vista and XP Prof and I would like to add Linux as secondary OS and be able to select the OS during the boot sequence.

What is a simpler way to do this? ..that is without formatting Hard disk or re-installing Windows?

Thanks in advance!

help installing redhat linux?

i m installing linux first time. when i boot my redhat 9 installation cd, it displays the message saying hard disk not found. i m a newbie what should i do. plz help as soon as possible. i m awaiting ur reply….

I have tried to install xp but it did not work. I want to format my hard disk and install xp

How to Install Windows Xp, Redhat Linux and Solaris 10 in a Single Hard Drive.

I have a 250 Gb Hard disk .
I have already installed XP,Linux.
Now i want to install Solaris without disturbing XP and Linux. Is there any procedure….

Help Appreciated….!

i have already formatted(NTFS) my hard disk for the installation of xp, iam using a windows xp before i installed the redhat linux then i decided to re install back windows xp
i have already formatted(NTFS) my hard disk for the installation of xp, iam using a windows xp before i installed the redhat linux then i decided to re install back windows xp but when i re install again the redhat it doesnt hang, it just hang on windows xp, i even tried fixing the MBR

after installing windows and i run it for the first time it hangs even in safe mode
i have a P4@2GHz, 256MB RAM, 64MB Vcard and a 40 Gig HD

sata problem with installing mandrake linux?

Mother board: 775 hdtv twins
hdd: wd 8g0gb
controller:1) d347prt SCSI 2) Uli sata/raid M1573
Cpu: 3 Gh, Inter (R)

14 hours ago
I wanna install Mandrake 10.1? but Mandrake didn’t recognize sata hard disk? what should i do?
2 Answers
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2 computers:
Sis630 Mainboard, PIII 733, 256 M RAM,
Another computer Celeron 600, 128 M RAM

Only one monitor

ADSL Modem

I have 10G files, in 6 hard disks (I totally have 8 hard disks)

5 large hard disks, 6 G, one hard disks 15G

In another location, I have another computer.

I have 4 network adapters in my office.

I use Celeron 600, RAM 128 M, 4.5 G hard disk to install SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Desktop

Attach the hard disk, Boot from CD-ROM, install SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Desktop?

I will use Hard Disk Tool CD first, Attach the hard disk, Boot from CD-ROM, zero the hard disk.

Then Boot from CD-ROM, install SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Desktop?

Please tell me the details step by step.

Set bios, boot from CD-ROM.





Can you get viruses using the Linux OS?

I was wondering if I partitioned my hard disk and installed Windows on one and Linux OS on the other, then booting up to Linux for using the Internet, and booting up to Windows to use my other programs, could I still get viruses from the internet via Linux on my computer or on my partition with Windows?

Hard disk requirements for installing Debian linux.