What Linux Distribution should I use!?

Okay I can say I KNOW Linux I have been using for a year but I have tried many Distro’s but there is always a lag, is it my PC because I know for sure it used to run XP and I have low ram and the standard graphics card.
Here are what I have encountered:

Ubunutu 11.04- I really like Unity, but don’t really like it is using Shell so I can’t really use Compiz, Plus I get a few lags that forces me to do a hard reset. I want to see if on 11.10 the lags are fixed

Kubuntu 11.04- I like KDE but it reminds me so much of windows and looks sooooo user friendly. My webcam is not supported. Rocksoul webcam. And desktop effects are always turned off.

Fedora 15- I LOVE IT!! Something that is for advanced users but the FullScreen for online videos would only work ONCE!

Now, I have Linux Mint and OpenSUSE on the waiting list, But Mint is still on the normal Gnome and not 3, I have heard you can install both rpm and deb. and OpenSUSE well the animal scares me.

Now what do you Recommend DOING!?

I accidentally moved my top panel to the right side in a weird way so that the objects in the panel got enlarged and I cannot access the Properties of the panel to move it back. I can only use the Applications and Actions menu in the panel. I can’t even delete the panel. Any help on how to fix this w/out resetting my gnome settings would be really appreciated

mandriva linux help?

i need some help with somethings

first in KDE when i watch a vid in you tube and it finish loading firefox keep closing ramdom times
in gnome firefox crashes at random times

and i want Xfce and fluxbox how do i get it

i don’t have package manager and don’t recomend another OS
i use mandriva one 2008

why is Linux Mint going Debian?

Linux Mint was based off Ubuntu, which is based off Debian. Why are they going to base it off Debian when it sort of already is? Also, where can I find Linux Mint 11 with KDE? I don’t have anything against Gnome, it’s a wonderful and stable DE but my eyes simply like KDE better.

When you download Debian how do you switch between KDE Gnome XFCE LXDE graphical interfaces. Do they come preinstalled or do you have to download them from somewhere else

i have had smoothwall2.0/3.0 as my firewall on my desktop server for years and loved it, but i just switched over to blade dell servers and smoothwall 3.0/2.0 dosen’t work on RAID arrays. can someone give me like a list of free open source (preferably Linux/gnome based)good firewalls?

SOundmax driver on suse linux?

I have recently installed suse 10.0 linux on my lenovo 3000 J115. As great as it is, I am quite dismayed that my integrated sound card (by the company soundmax…lenovo is a bit cryptic about giving the type, but the windows driver is labeled "q4aud23us13.exe"…default embedded sound card.) is not being recognized. Can anyone give me a step by step on where to find a driver and how to install it?

ALI Soundmax Card
There is a little icon on the top bar (running gnome) that looks like a speaker with a little red x next to it. I tried clicking it, and it says my sound card isnt configured. I tried configuring it, but i cannot find my card in the list of drivers that are preinstalled.

I read RMS’s entire bio an I don’t recall Debian ever popping up in it. I love (and need to install the most recent version of ubuntu, but hard drive is messed at present) linux; it’s my fave OS by far! Peaceful, great community, open source, good beliefs and mentality etc.

I know GNU is rms’s deal, gpl and the like. GNU’s not unix I understand GNU and linux completely; don’t understand debian.
linux is linus torvald’s kernal
I don’t understand why and how almost all gnu/linux packages are .deb?? WTF is going on ?

Is software for linux called "debian"? If so, that seems annoying ridiculous. what’s going on with that? cheers. thanks.
Can you install Debian os/gui like GNOME/GNU? IF so, why do I rarely ever see such OS?
To what does debian refer?

GNU refers to the non-kernal part of "linux"?

How to find linux full offline linux software?

Ok, fairly dumb question, but im a student at JobCorp and i’m using Linux(OpenSuse-Gnome). I’m relatively new at using it, coming off from Windows-XP. I’ve been trying to find software that doesn’t require me to have a active internet connection.
My classroom computer is WinXP(school policy with net) and dorm room(no internet at all isnt allowed) is OpenSuse-Linux.
So this seems to be a rather difficult adjustment, as i don’t understand why the forcefulness nature of connecting to a server to download. cant it be like windows and just give a zip-like and just install,
yes im aware of .rpm and other zip-likes >.>
* Forcing by which that almost every site that personally I have been to not just ONE >.> geez really think I went to one >.> wow no. Its just a question if anyone knows a site that has the full software to download so i can use flash drive and install it, tired of the files being quicklinks to websites >.> its no wonder why ppl dont leave windows if that all thats to offer its internet required to get stuff physically, what a luxury we dont all have, but im just saying ya know not to be edgy

Which Linux OS is good for me?

Hello, Im currently in grade 12 and im wanting to find a good OS to use for my university years.

So Im running vista and in getting Windows 7 but I’m wanting to try a Linux OS. I tried Fedora, Ubuntu and Mint OS, but I have troubles (i.e unfamiliar to the RPM and other commands) and I had some trouble with my graphic card :(

So here is my System specs:

-Intel Core2 QUAD @ 2.33GHz
-nVIDIA 9500GS
-802.11b/g wireless

Note that I might be getting a laptop but the specs above are of my desktop)

So which Linux OS should I try?

Im looking for:
-Something easy to use (but I don’t mind challenges or learning something new)
-Im used to more a KDE then GNOME
-Easy to customize
-Good platform for Development and research and data analyzing/creating/modifying and also good for using Engineering/Scientific Applications (need that as im going into aerospace)
-Good for documenting and office working (i.e Microsoft Office or any variant and able to use Adobe)
-Good for multimedia
-Good for gaming
-good for leisure use
-very good system tools and a great security system
-and just overall very efficient, powerful, long lasting, and the ability to utilize new Technology (i.e. touch screen)

Please and thank you and I know some people might say stick with Windows, but I don’t want to be in trouble of viruses and data loss.

Thanks in advance :)

help me Suse linux Enterprise Server?

I install suse linux Ent.server to backup my file from the corrupted windows system.

But know I got problems with working with it, specially how to play my music file in this operating system which have gnome terminal
please help me right now

CPU usage trouble in Mandriva linux?

If I open doxbox with 600000 cycles, then my 3Ghz Intel Core2Duo cpu usage just jumps upto 100% on both cpu0 and cpu1. If I open system monitor from Gnome, then two processes named doxbox show up each with 43% cpu usage. Other programs run fine. What is the problem?
It is cpu cycles.

I am a newbie to Linux OS and I am curious about some abbreviations used like GNU,GNOME,KDE,…I already know GNOME,KDE and some others but I don’t know what’s GNU stands for.

Would this be a good linux distro?

My Linux Distro will be based on openSUSE 11.3 and use GNOME 2.30 because it is more user friendly than KDE. It will also include an awesome theme. I know what needs fixing such as usability, stability. I also need some ideas for my software selection. They must be available in an .rpm format.

It is developed by Dillsoft (Who I own). It’s name is Dillsoft Ice One.

It is for general users (Like ubuntu, windows is).

linux experts please help?

i dont know how to install linux applications.never comfortable
with rpm and tarballs.which linux should i choose that includes all window managers, all desktop envionment from kde 4.1 to gnome,all x servers ,all themes from beryl to…..,all partion managers, all boot managers. i mean all the free applications(popular) from the linux world.

1) I can’t CHMOD for my external HD via "root" it says that my HD is on read only access

2) "root" cannot use KDE :( and I prefer to use KDE than Gnome

I’m using Debian Lenny with Gnome, and I can’t connect to the internet. I installed the basic system and desktop, and I’m not sure if I need to install any other packages to get the internet to work. How can I get connected to the internet?
What packages do I need?

Desktop Linux Applications?

Can desktop linux operating systems like GNOME run microsoft software easily? Is it a hassle to do so? I’m getting a Dell computer for university this fall and I dont wanna use Vista but I still wanna use microsoft office among other things.

Installing Gnome on Redhat Linux or Win XP?

Guys,i am new to Linux/Unix and Gnome,Can i install Gnome over win XP or it is only for Linux.I have Linux Redhat 9 running on one machine.How to install Gnome,do i have to download it from website directly on Linux machine?