The situation is that I have been install various version in relation to the Fedora, but none of them actually worked because they constantly crashed during the booting processing. Therefore, I this is why I am using a older version known as Redhat Linux 9 which was released in 2003. Once, I finished installing it I notice that I had a slight problem which trying to set up a internet connect because it is somewhat indicating that either it does recognize the hardware or it is not set up correctly. I am constantly wondering on how to find the appropriate Ethernet driver to connect to the internet; however, at the same time how is possible to connect to internet using a USB cable modem through my USB ports? More significantly, how do you make the appropriate configuration? In addition, here are the specification of the my computer:

AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 2600+
-1.60 GHz, 1.2 GB of DDR1 RAM
-Maxtor 3 2049H2 SCSI Disk Device (20 Gigabytes)
-Western Digital WDC WD16 00JB-00REA0 SCSI Disk Device (160 GB)
-MSI K8MM-V (Motherboard)
-LAN – VIA VT6103L 10/100 Mb/s PHY…

In addition, I use a Motorola SURFboard SB5100 USB Cable Modem for an internet

I have PC that configration is
Processor – D processor 2.88
Mother board – D102CG Intel chipset
Ram-512 ddr-2
HDD- Sata 80 GB
already in C: drive installed XP-II & D: drive also free here. but when i install redhat linux 9.0 system find error crc & hard drive not found i think they problem create Sata HDD. if have any driver for sata HDD for installation Linux. i want help. plz help me & solve my problem. Someone know’s HDD driver link for sata plz send link in your answer..

Thinking about switching to Linux?

Well the time has come… I use the computer fairly often… surfing the web.. listening to music… I’m not much of a gamer.. however i know there is enough gaming between open source linux compatible games and my good old xbox to keep my occupied… heres where I need some help.

The only thing I care about on my xp is my music… I have about thirty gb… also… if I’m going to switch .. I think I want to go all the way.. I like the dual boot concept.. except my hardrive space is precious.. and Im afraid I would run out if I dual boot… will I have any regrets? Xubuntu or ubuntu? I’m a new user but pretty tech savy.. thanks

I’m looking for an easy linux distribution that can be permanently installed on a Dell computer with a ram of 256 mb and a free space of 10 GB.
Preferably, I would like the distribution to be easy to use and install (I’m a beginner) and to have all the necessary applications and characteristics needed for a personal home/desktop usage.
If possible, it would also be great if the distribution was in Spanish and had useful tools included with it, such as open office or firefox.

Do you know of any Linux distribution that matchs these requirements? What distribution do you think is best for me?

I just upgraded to Suse Linux 10.2 & now my system is telling me to free up some memory. I”m a newbie with Suse Linux so I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. It shows I have another partition of 70 GB of memory but I don’t know how to utilize it. Please help.

my dad plug in his 4 Gb flash drive on linux OS and the linux won’t detect it, only 2 Gb flash drive detected in linux. is it true?

Swapping Suse Linux OS for another Linux OS?

Can anyone tell me if I can swap out Suse Linux 10.2 for another Linux OS? I’m not too happy with the version I have & I want to replace it. I upgraded from Suse Linux 10.1 to 10.2 but it just used up more of my memory which is running critically low. I don’t know how to use the other partition either which has 28 GB’s of memory. PLEASE ANYONE, HELP!

When I run the fdisk tools in Windows-XP and RedHat Linux Enterprise or Fedora, it does not report and use the full Capacity ie 40 GB and also on 80 GB Harddisks, it reports approx. 37 GB for 40 GB H.Disk.
How to get the full space (40 GB and 80 GB) utilized?

Ok so i got everything right with this installation.
Everything boots right in perfect.
Im running Ubuntu Linux Fiesty Fawn 7.04 on Microsoft’s Virtual PC console.
I have a problem when i try to apply the
‘Desktop Effects’ i enable them and then poof my screen turns white i cannot see absolutely anything! After that Ubuntu automatically turns this feature off (about 5 sec)
This is the most important reason in why i was trying out Linux to make it my primary OS because of the work effeciency that you get for example using the cube effect.
I find that Linux runs pretty slow! i allocate 512 mb of ram to Microsoft Virtual PC and i notice that Windows XP and Ubuntu are not even close in speed!
Please note that:

Windows XP and Fiesty Fawn are running side by side and Linux is a lot slower than XP!!!!
My Computer Specs are:
Intel Pentium 4 3.20 ghz
1 GB DDR Ram
200 GB SATA internal Hard drive
250 GB Seagate external Hard drive
ATI Radeon X1550 PCI (not PCI-Express :[ )

Linux Mandrake soft 9.1.4 installation?

i have the installation cd’s of LINUX MANDRAKEsoft 9.1.4 with me.
i have installed the windows operating system quite a lot of times but now i want to install linux.
this installation is quite different from windows installation as it needs another partition for something called "root"
please send me the detailed procedure for its installation.
i have a samsung SV0411N 40GB HDD with 4 partitions out of which one is 5gb two are 12gb and one is 10 gb all have ntfs filesystem….where my current windows is on on 12gb partition
please help me installing this linux as dual boot system
if i have to change my partition sizes also tell the procedure for the same….

What linux os are based off windows xp?

I can’t stand windows, it just irritates me. I heard linux mint is alot like it but some others would be greatly appreciated and where to download them would help to, thank you
I like the way its setup but it seems to mess up to much and I used ubuntu and red hat and they were nice just confusing. Im running a dual core intel d 2.8 ghz with 3 gb of ram so I should be able to run it no prob. thanks

how to make a 3rd partition to be visible by both Linux and windows operating systems???
i have a hard disc of 80 gb on my laptop i made 3 partitions i created the first for my windows XP second for my Linux mandriva and third for my movies and music etc…

i want to make the third partition visible on both operating systems
in terminal on Linux its already visible, when i enter " ls /mount/f " it shows all the files that i was using on my windows, with help of a friend but he doesn’t know how to make visible on the "computer" part in Linux.
i reformatted the third partition from NTFS to FAT32 as i have read in multiple forums but now how do i activate it ?
the partition where windows is installed is C: or sda1, Linux is installed on the D: or sda5 and the partition that i want both operating systems to use is on E: or sda6

if anyone can give me any advise i would be very grateful !
yours Amir

I have both Mandrake Linux 9.0 and Windows XP Home Edition operating system. But I can’t open the Mandrake Linux because of I can’t enter the login (My login is "satria", but when I enter, it always shows as "satr5a", I think I have input the wrong keyboard configuration when I was installing it). Unfortunately, the Mandrake Linux has used 10 GB from Windows partition and I can’t open it to unistall it. So, what should I do? Can I uninstall the Mandrake Linux from Windows, and how? I install the Linux in Toshiba Notebook. Please help me to solve this problem. Also tell me the step how to uninstall it.

I'm going to buy debian (since it's GB's big and I'm on DSL). Are there any sites you've bought linux before and that successfully installed? I don't really want to buy from a site that never ships it to me or the DVD's wont work.