I know of more games that are for Microsoft than there is for Apple Inc. and Linux. How come the other two never really entered the video game market?

Apps like: Adobe Photoshop, Sony Vegas Pro, Autodesk 3DS Max and Maya, etc etc.

Games like: Call of Duty series, Halo, Medal of Honor etc etc.

Do you use mandriva Linux?

If so……………..

How are the graphics?
How is the ease of use?
How much bundeled software comes? (games, openoffice, firefox, etc?

Is it easy compared to windows?
How are the default graphics? (is 3D default, Beryl)

I just want to know before I install.

Linux vs. Microsoft? The age old debate.?

I’ve been a *nix user now for several years, and am still appalled by the lack of interest in it. What is it about Microsoft that makes it sooo appealing. Crashes, backdoors, packages and programs that you constantly have to upgrade. I just don’t get it. Can someone either tell me what is so ‘good’ about Microsoft, or simply just tell me why you like *nix so much…. Thanx!
I totally agree with the Ubuntu statement! They are almost there. And I guess I should have explained myself a bit more. I use *nix because of it’s stability, not because of the games or apps I can play. Does anyone else have a *nix vs MS server issue?
*smiles*.. I also didn’t say I was an Ubuntu user… simply *nix. I personally run BSD on my servers here, and I continue to dabble with Ubuntu hoping something will come of it. Mandriva has been a favorite for years. Nice replies ALL of you. Perspective and not ‘slamming’ on Microsoft. Very interesting! Kudos to ALL of you!

Can linux run today's games and applications?

source mods and valve games
fallout 3

how to install flash on suse linux 10.1?

I need to install adobe flash player on my suse linux 10.1 to play some games. I’ve already downloaded it but I don’t know how to install. Please, anyone, HELP!!!

How to install java to linux mint?

I want to play games that use java in linux mint but for some reason nothing wil install or work. In mozzila firefox when i go to play a java game it asks for me to install a plugin. I click install but it says missing plugin and just fails. I downloaded the file jre-6u17.rpm.bin so i could install java. When i try to open it it says "could no display home/ryan/jre-6u17.rpm.bin. Somebody please help me to install java. Thanks@!
Can people not abreviate things I dont know anything about linux so you may have to show me how to open programs and find them too.
I would do all that but my password in terminal wont work. I know it doesnt show what your typing but it doesnt accept my password. How do i install it then.
Im trying to say i Dont kno my root password. I understand it doesnt show it when you type it. How do i reset it or something. I know my keyring password but that one wont work.

My 5 year old’s computer runs on Linux OS. Its a Dell computer and can he download any Super Stacker games on it?

Which Linux Distribution is Right For Me?

I know the answer is usally "i cant answer that" or "Theres just too many to say" so I’ll narrow it down to five. i go on the internet, listen to music, watch movies, play games edit pictures + videos.

Freespire 2009

Ubuntu 9.10

Linux Mint 7

PC Linux 2007

Mandrake 2010

Secondly, is it worth switching from windows to linux?

I recently installed mandriva linux on my laptop but I realized I’m going to need to put windows back on the computer to play a couple of games I can’t get to work with wine. Whats the process for installing a dual boot of linux and windows with linux already being installed?

I know that you cant install sis files with linux os. and i want to know wats the use of this linux os over symbian os if you cant install any games and applications?

I received an Asus EEE PC 900 as a gift. It came with a bunch of games and "learning" software. I’m just wondering how to get rid of it. A fairly detailed response would be appreciated. I’m new to Linux.

I never used Linux before. Is it easy? Can Linux run Windows applications and games (Warcraft 3, Quake 4, UT2004, etc.) for free?

Linux Os?.?

Ok well I’m building a system and I don’t really have the money for an os. I heard Linux was free. My question is is it really free and is it any good?
Hmmm….games are important to me. Any way to get free windows?
Thanks, I got xp pro for free

I am looking for a Linux OS for games free or not doesn’t matter. How do you get The Sims for Linux doesn’t it come with Mandriva. How far are they at with The Sims 2.

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I would like to install either linux or mandrake linux and windows xp on the same HDD. I would prefer mandrake linux considering I dont need a partitioning software to do this. But which OS do I need to install first?
ok so if I install xp first will linux still allow it to partition the drive so that I have 2 partitions instead of 1? Right now I have 1 with xp. was hoping so not have to use partition magic or anything. I read that linux will actually do this for you when installing (mandrake version only i think). my other question is what is the difference between mandrake and the original linux OS? if any at all. I want to use linux for the free software and security but want to keep windows to still be able to play my games, and use my camera and ipod. not sure if mandrake and linux are the same thing or not I just heard about it today.
I havent installed either yet because im going to do this on my old computer first. I have also used linux be4 I just have never put 2 OS's on 1 HDD