I like to keep my programs and drivers up to date, but manually checking is a pain and some programs have an upgrade notifier, but not all, and the ones that do take up resources. I like how Linux distros have something like this, but have nothing like this for Windows!
There actually IS something "magic" like that for just drivers…works for pretty uncommon drivers as well, but its free version limits you to two downloads a day.
It’s called DriverMax.

linux with microsoft?

i want to download but i dont want to delete my windows xp operating system can i download linux and wndows xp on a pc if yes where can i download the latest free version of linux

I am completely new to Linux (but well versed in IT and Computer Science, so I understand the concepts) and yesterday installed Fedora 11 and tried to install VNC (free version).

I want to uninstall it now, but do not know how. If I installed it using:

yum install vnc

How do I uninstall it?