I’d really like some free/open source software, on Linux, for Flash design/development. As up to date as possible. Any suggestions welcome, especially with review.

i have had smoothwall2.0/3.0 as my firewall on my desktop server for years and loved it, but i just switched over to blade dell servers and smoothwall 3.0/2.0 dosen’t work on RAID arrays. can someone give me like a list of free open source (preferably Linux/gnome based)good firewalls?

Linux is a free open-source OS in which the user has access to the source code which the program is written, but how do I modify it? What do I need?
Other people is creating their own OS, why can’t I?

They say they want to cut spending. Very well, here’s a suggestion.

Stop using tax-payer money to subsidize Microsoft’s dominance. Switch all Government offices over to Linux and Free Open Source Software. That alone would halve the what the Government spends on IT and the very least.

So, shouldn’t the GOP support switching over to Linux and Open Source Software?

If Microsoft had made windows open source?

If Microsoft had made windows open source 27 yrs ago how advanced do you think it would be today?

Knowledge is a wonderful thing
Given that Linux Open Source Software has only been in existence for 19 yrs. the advancement in advanced technology it has made over this passed 5 yrs for the home user is unbelievable, There are professional people world wide developing professional free operating systems and software for the home users, for education, from 3yr olds to university,

Computing for the blind or visually impaired computer users:
Do you know any blind or visually impaired computer users: if so then check out this web link. Better still inform the Blind Society in your area about this free software for the blind or visually impaired


Open Source in Education :- Preschool, Primary, Secondary Tertiary ( university level )
Inform your education departments this can save the tax payers millions of Pounds/Dollars


Home and Professional video audio and animated graphics editing


Computer and Internet Security Anti-Tamper – Software Protection


These are just some of the achievements made with Free open source software for the benefit of home computer users.

The question being asked, had Microsoft windows been made Open Source Software. Would we be having this kind of excellence in security, stability and software development
Quot- Vomit
There would be fifty billion different Windows distros
Only the top 20 would succeed Like Linux top 20 distros have. Open Source Software has very high standards

Need help in Free/Open Source Software?

can anyone tell me where can i get tutorials and e-books for Free/open source software .. especially Linux..

Linux and open source software?

Have you been able to give microsoft the bird and use only free open source software?

I’m looking for a free, open source application for Linux which will allow me to make and tweak logos for web and print. Any ideas? I know that Gimp is good for editing raster stuff but I was thinking along the lines of starting on the vector side. Any help would be much appreciated!

I want to test as many free open source ( Linux based or not ) operating system as I can, but I don’t have a high speed broad band Internet. so I want to order some on CD like Ubuntu. is there any other OS that I can order on CD as Free?