How to install flash player in fedora 15?

I installed like 3 different versions of flash player and tried on 2 browsers, its not working!!!!! I installed directly from adobes website. I installed the yum and the .rpm for (other) Linux but nothing is working. I restarted my browser like 20 times and my computer twice, I installed all updates as well. what is the problem?

I’m on a Linux compter in one of my college’s computer labs, and it’s saying it doesn’t have Flash Player. The computer is 64-bit and running Red Hat distribution. What version of Flash should I get from ? (if you can’t see the Linux options, they are):

YUM for Linux
.tar.gz for Linux
.rpm for Linux
.deb for Ubuntu 8.04+
APT for Ubuntu 9.04+
btw, I’ve had to "zip" a few tarballs for my programming class, so I know how to extract .tar.gz files. would that be the best option?

How do I download Flash player to Linux?

I just now got linux; therefore, I need to download a few things. I need to download flash player, so I can watch videos on Youtube. However, when I download it, it tells me:

"Could not open "flash-plugin-"

Archive type not supported."

Okay. Then how do I do this? Will I get this message every time I try to download a program to Linux?

Yes, I did try to download one of the many Linux versions of Flash. I know it’s not my computer because my dad’s computer done the same thing that mine is doing.
This is a new computer with Windows 7 Ultimate beta version and Vista. I am just playing with Linux for fun.
I got it to work. I already know who’s going to get the best answer. Thanks. I just needed that little piece of info.

Linux Help? 10 points?

Im a total novice when it comes to linux…….. i cant seem to get flash player working and i have no idea what the terminal commands are. windows cmd i know, but this is all new to me.

i donwloaded the flash player rpm file onto my desktop. now what? how do i install using terminal?

and is sudo super user? i though su was super user

im running Ubuntu 9.10

also how do i install themes? and can anybody reccomend a good theme?

i just installed linux opensuse 11.1?

im on firefox and was on youtube and i wanna watch my videos but it say i need addobe flash player so i went to the site and dl the player for the linux it shows tar.gz and rpm,and yum so what do i how u install it into the computer im stuck lol

how to download flash player for ubuntu 9.04?

just installed ubuntu on my pc its version 9.4 just gone on to youtube it says i havent a flash player and need to download one im not sure what options to use for adobe as when i press download it gives me the following options
the different versions i can download are
yum for linux
.tar.gz for linux
.rpm for linux
.deb for ubuntu 8.04+