how can i install multi linux in one hard drive?

i want to use mandriva ,mandrake ,suse, fedora core in one system answer soon to get 10 points

Having trouble installine AIM on Linux?

First, my details:
-I’m running Fedora Core 8.
-I’m using the RPM from AIM’s website to install the package.
-I’m on the root account.
-I’m connected to the internet.

When I install the package, I get an error while resolving the dependencies. The exact error is:

Error resolving dependencies

Unable to resolve dependencies for some packages selected for installation.

Anyone know how to fix this?

Whenever I download any software for Linux, I find different binaries for different distros like Debian, Mandrake, Solaris, etc.

However, very often I have found that the same binary is present for both Red Hat and Fedora Core?

Is there any similarity between Red Hat and Fedora Core?

I was wondering what would be the best thing(s) about an OS like fedora core, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc, that would set them apart from the others.

I am thinking about downloading Novell SUSE Linux through the Net(Open SUSE).Is is completely free and there are no charges for it.Is it also possible to use Flash 8 , Photoshop CS , Sonic Foundry ,Winamp and Dreamweaver with SUSE Linux and Fedora Core Linux ?Is Fedora Core also good?