Fedora or RedHat Linux for a Desktop?

I’m considering jumping into the Linux scene again. I want something fast and flexible, but also easy to use. The two that someone reccomended are Fedora and RedHat Enterprise Linux Desktop.

I want something that’ll run games under WINE very well, and I want package management to be fast and easy.

Apparently Fedora and RedHat are very alike, but which one is faster and better for a desktop environment. I will be doing casual browsing and listening to music, alongside playing games under WINE.

Which one will be the fastest and most productive?

Thank you.
Scratch that, how about SlackWare?

does red hat enterprise linux supports microsoft visual studio 2006(visual basic 2006) & oracle 9i?any software or virtual machines to be downloaded in order to run them in red hat linux enterprise edition,pls help me,thanks a lot in advance

router configuration in redhat linux?

how to connect two different network for example one network ip with 10.14 and another network ip with 50.1. using router or without router how to connect the network in redhat enterprise linux

I have installed Redhat Enterprise Linux 4 in Acer netbook. I don’t know how to connect internet.

Hi guys…Now i’m doing "Hardware" & "Redhat Enterprise Linux 5". I need list all the total commands for Redhat linux. And also suggest me what can i do next to this course.What are the jobs available for this course. Thanks in advance.

I have installed Redhat Enterprise Linux 4 in Acer netbook. I don’t know how to connect internet.

I have BSNL BROADBAND installed, which works fine with windows-xp. Can anybody tell me
how to use this in redhat enterprise linux? How should I configure network connections?

How to load Ethernet driver in Redhat linux?

I am having HCL laptop with Realtek 8068C / 8011C (P) fast gigabit Ethernet card. I loaded Redhat enterprise linux 5.0 version. My laptop doesnt detect the ethernet card. So I need ethernet driver for Realtek 8068 card and also guide me how to load this driver since i am new to linux environment please.

I installed RedHat Enterprise Linux on my Dell Inspiron 1720 laptop.After installation, I couldnt use GUI mode. I tested with other distribution of Linux too..Can any one help me please to eradicate this problem?