Idiot needs help with SuSE linux 10.1?

I had Windows XP Professional and Suse Linux 10.1 "installed”–dual boot. I followed a tutorial showing me how to uninstall Linux by means of deleting partitions. Hence, drive G was created. But then when I restarted a my computer I could boot into windows because of, as I now know, grub. So I reinstalled Linux. Well! I found another tutorial telling me to do that same thing–so now I have a drive T as well as a G–and that I could then merge those partitions. So I downloaded this program: . It was the only one I could find that had a free trial and was a .exe installer file. Right, so I was forced to restart my computer . . only I could not, due to grub. So I reinstalled Linux, and now I have more partitions than I started with. How can I merge them so I only have a drive D and C (plus the removable ones) and uninstall SUSE linux? I do not have an installer CD for XP because it came pre-installed. And I can’t remember my SuSE username and password. Can any one please explain all this to me, step by step, slowly(!) and in plain English because I’m stupid and even now I barely know what I’m talking about. I’ve looked and looked and looked for tutorials and either I can’t understand them, or they don’t fit my situation. Well, before I got to the part where I put in my username and password and such–that is, right after the installation–it booted me back to the main menu and THEN took me back to the grub boot screen. Then my computer restarted myself. Just as it shut off, I pulled out the SUSE linux dvd, then as it was starting up, I hit the system recovery key–f10–on the compaq startup screen. This has never worked, but I tried, nearly out of habit. My key pressing went ignored. The grub boot screen started up-now, here’s where mine is rather unusual (at least I think it is–it didn’t look like this the first time I installed linux–this is my third time to install it):

Suse Linux 10.1
windows 1
windows 2
Suse Linux 10.1 in safe mode.

At least, this is how I remember the menu . . My memory really is terrible. Now, normally to log onto Windows I have to use windows 2–windows 1 just takes be back to the boot screen. But I thought, might as well, and opted for windows 1. I was then taken to the Windows System Recovery console. I went throught the process . . . it kept my old programs, restored my default settings, brought back all of my OLD bookmarks (from last year) and plugins for firefox. . . . The partitions were still split up the same, but with different names. I’m scared to restart again and see what happens.

I have x386 machines and I wanted to know where to get either a CD (or create one) that is a live CD that will allow me to boot up from it and then let me partition my hard drive (I need to keep my Windows) install preferably redhat linux with fedora desktop. I think that’s KDE. I then can get dual boot. Canonical will give you the CD for free for its Ubuntu. I wanted to know if there is some site where I can get the redhat stuff in a similar fashion. Thanks.

Thinking about switching to Linux?

Well the time has come… I use the computer fairly often… surfing the web.. listening to music… I’m not much of a gamer.. however i know there is enough gaming between open source linux compatible games and my good old xbox to keep my occupied… heres where I need some help.

The only thing I care about on my xp is my music… I have about thirty gb… also… if I’m going to switch .. I think I want to go all the way.. I like the dual boot concept.. except my hardrive space is precious.. and Im afraid I would run out if I dual boot… will I have any regrets? Xubuntu or ubuntu? I’m a new user but pretty tech savy.. thanks

using Windows 7 with raid-0 and whenever i attempt to place my redhat fedora dsic in and try to install it from within the os it cant find my partition.. so how do i dual boot both without losing my data and no formating.

I am thinking of switching my compuer to Linux…what is a good variant/release that you can recommend for stability and security?
I had an old release of Mandrake years ago…not bad but crashed a lot, full of security holes, bugs.

As well, I have WinXP pro it a pain to make a dual boot *(absoultely without partitioning (don’t want to do this)*, or should I just get another machine?

my main uses: total security (locking down with firewalls and encryption, paranoid tracking) programming, word processing tools, and surfing

Also…I want something with no corporate OS hooks in they can sneak around behind the scenes…Im weary of commercial variants, but again I am paranoid

I’ve installed MS Virtual PC 2007 on my pc (specs: 1.5Gb RAM, AMD Athlon 64 socket 754 CPU, BarRacuda 160Gb HDD =MID Rate: 683Mbps)
I’ve tried running the Knoppix Live CD in VPC 2007, but it freezes 80% of the way through the boot sequence. I have also tried Kubuntu KDE 8.0.4, which like the Knoppix runs well as a dual boot, however, the Kubuntu installation aborts immediately saying that it can’t run due to the fact that it needs 64/86 architecture, but it has only detected i586 architecture. I’m sure my PC meets the requirements, however I have read mixed reviews of Linux derivatives on MS VPC 2007, but I’m sure there must be a way. I’m currently downloading Mandriva Linux, and I’m hoping I can get it running. I prefer MS VPC 2007, but I also have VM Player installed. Any suggestions? Thanks.

I wanted to be able to dual boot between Windows 7 and Debian because I wanted to be able to boot only into OpenITG. I used Debian because it was what was used in ITG Dedicabs and used less RAM, meaning a better performance. I followed a guide on showing this is possible. I used a partition manager to set aside 20GB for Debian and used THAT partition. However, when it was done installing I was not able to see windows 7 in the GRUB loader. I know that it is still there because I go to "Computer" in Debain and see the partition I used for Windows 7. How can I add windows 7 to the boot list or at the very least boot into windows 7 using some kind of command on the command line? I dont want to have to reinstall windows 7.
I am using Debian 5 which has GRUB version 0.97. Would I still be able to reconfigure it (im assuming yes)? btw i tried using the command prompt with my windows 7 disk and using that command. it seemed to only affect the partitions that didnt have windows 7 in it (which is listed as volume 2 by the linux installer).

I am thinking of switching my compuer to Linux…what is a good variant/release that you can recommend for stability and security?
I had an old release of Mandrake years ago…not bad but crashed a lot, full of security holes, bugs.

As well, I have WinXP pro it a pain to make a dual boot *absoultely without partitioning (don’t want to do this)*, or should I just get another machine?

My main uses: total security (total lock down with firewalls and encryption, paranoid tracking utilities) programming, word processing tools, and surfing.

Also…I want something with no corporate OS hooks in they can sneak around behind the scenes…Im weary of commercial variants, but again I am paranoid

windows vs. Linux Debian Ubuntu, DSL etc etc?

simple questions. Can you use linux the same way you use windows? does it use a point and click interface? Do you have to know a lot about command line and do you have to build your operating system? or can you just pop in a live cd like windows and everything more or less is done for you? I’m sick of Windows Linux users could you give me some feedback?
What I’m looking for is a version that has a gui like you said your grandmother is using Ubuntu. I need something that will support a virtual PBX like FreePBX or something and hopefully install it for me. Maybe CentOS? Ideas?
I’m also operating under the assumption that command line is like command prompt in windows. Correct? I have had some experience with that. It’s just that there are so many flavors. I tried a dual boot with an Ubuntu ISO and got 187 instances(basically systemic) of keylogger .com It could’ve just com from the mirror but I was on the Official Ubuntu site. Also why do you say that Debian is slower? That was my first choice considering I’m running HP AMD64

Wine will not work with this app. Would VirtualBox be better than dual boot? or is there a better way? Hdd space is not an issue.

How to wipe Linux Debian from Laptop?

My old laptop got Linux Debian on it for my uni work (I finished now). It is NOT dual boot, there no Windows on it, just Linux Debian.

I want Windows XP back on it but how do I wipe Linux Debian off my laptop? I have tried look online but it all dual boot guides.

I recently installed mandriva linux on my laptop but I realized I’m going to need to put windows back on the computer to play a couple of games I can’t get to work with wine. Whats the process for installing a dual boot of linux and windows with linux already being installed?

I installed Mandriva on my other laptop (for non-dual boot). I was switching from openSUSE. I got to the whole restart phase but when my computer restarted, the graphics started looking very jagged and faded and eventually, before getting to any significant screen, my screen turns into a faded light blue-green screen with nothing on it. My computer stays like that. My first instinct (i’m a linux newbie) was to panic and force the computer to be turned off by holding the on/off button. Once I tried to turn it on again, not even the BIOS screen appears. THe screens starts out all black then turns into the light-blue green screen. At no point do I see any sort of text. Pressing any key buttons (such as Delete, f8, etc) that BIOSes recognize the computer just makes beeping sounds but still nothing on the screen. I don’t know what to do. Please help!!!

The laptop is an HP Pentium 4, 3 ghz, 1GB of RAM, Ati video card *I forget the model*.

What is Best Linux for Windows 7 Dual Boot?

I tried Mandrake years ago which promised an easy dual boot. Each time the screen would pop up asking if I wanted to boot to Linux or Windows it did not work. I am using Wireless internet so need a Linux that can see wireless with no problems. Any ideas?

Is there free program that allows you to run linux as a regular Windows application just as you run MS Word or Safari orAcrobat Reader as windows applications? I tried Wubi but what it forced me to do was partition part of my hard drive. I now have dual boot.

I’m looking for just as an app. Also needs the linux app needs to make use of my wireless connection. Help!

Debian 5 (LINUX) or Fedora 11 (LINUX) ?

Which one would you better recommend, Fedora 11 Linux or Debian 5 Linux? I tried Debian Linux for a little bit, but now I am sorta considering going with Fedora 11 Linux? Please do not recommend some other Operating System (LINUX) like Ubuntu, unless you think it is MUCH better than those, but please still list one of those two also. Thank you very much!
Best answer gets 10 points!!!
Thank you Dan but, yeah I am trying to find a answer from somebody who as tried both or knows a Full Answer
Thank you Michael E, I will wait for some more answers before Choosing….
Oh yeah another thing Michael E, can you decide between Fedora and Debian though?
Of Michael, I just re-looked your answer and saw the Fedora, thank you, yeah I kinda forgot you said that after I posted about waiting…
Ok, I have already got both, not a dual boot, I run them both using VMWare Player… But please still give any recommendations on any Linux Distros besides Ubuntu,Debian,and Fedora.

I understand that I cannot dual boot a japanese and an english version of windows XP, because it will affect the system’s programming. So, now I’m thinking of dual booting an English version of Windows Xp and a Japanese version of Linux. Will there be any problem if I do so? I mean, will the Japanese version of Linux affect my Windows Xp if I dual boot?

I had suse Linux and vista home premium dual booted,but i decided that i didnt want to dual boot linux, so i went into hd management and deleted my linux partitions.Now i restarted my pc and it just says Grub Loading… boot error 115 or something. I also tried to install suse again to use my uncollated space but it had an error! WHAT DO I DO?!?Please Help out!

Is there any reason that one should switch to, or dual-boot with some sort of Linux OS over Windows XP if they already have Windows XP installed? If so what exactly are they?

I am wanting to start using linux but i dont want to lose vista. How can i dual boot Mandriva. I have tried ubuntu and it does not work so i thought i would try something different.

I'm going to be installing Linux on my PC in the very near future as either a dual boot or a fresh install after I backup my important files. I have read a lot on both SUSE and Ubuntu Linux. Please help me by informing me which is best for Linux newbies. I have read volumes on both, but am having a difficult time deciding which would be the easiest for me to get into since this will be my first Linux OS.

I have a dual boot partition disk, with Windows XP Professional and this Linux distro as the OSs. However, RedHat isn't opening (error message pops up) for some days. So, how do I remove this from my computer??? I don't really want it anymore. Detailed instructions please.