It is quite understandable why there is noise from the Debian purists about Ubuntu and Ubuntu based distros. but Linux Mint Debian Edition surely they are spurning their own ‘The Wonderful World Of Linux Politics’

Your thoughts ?

I have one desktop, a netbook, and an old laptop. I no of many linux applications I like to run and have trouble getting rid of some of the ones that come with linux distros that i have no need for. Especially with my netbook only having 4gb of space i would like to be able to have just the ones I want installed. I want to be able to install one linux system on all three that will allow me to afterwards add a desktop enviorment or window manager as i see fit and then apps. If there is an easy way to take a distro and then change the desktop enviornment wheather terminal commands or gui that would help any ideas will be appreciated ill write messages if you need more info.

Ubuntu is a free and open source Linux distribution. It has been awarded as being the most user friendly Linux distribution, and it arguably has the most functionality and beauty of all desktop Linux distros. What would be the economic and social benefits to the individual and society? Would there be any disadvantages to its adoption?

I want to create a custom linux iso with a few of my personally developed applications and distribute it online. I know Linux is open source, but does this mean I can legally sell the ISO? Are some distros better suited for this than others?

Can SuSE Linux 10 boot WinXP from a NTFS partition?

If not can you reccomend similar distros that can. Thanks.

Whenever I download any software for Linux, I find different binaries for different distros like Debian, Mandrake, Solaris, etc.

However, very often I have found that the same binary is present for both Red Hat and Fedora Core?

Is there any similarity between Red Hat and Fedora Core?

OS – most distros of Linux
Office Suite – Open Office
Email Client – Thunderbird
Internet Browser – Firefox
Media Player – VLC
Graphics Processing – GIMP

All this software is legal, free AND stable. A Microsoft-free box is possible!

Preferably XP, but I think answers for people out there running OS X and popular distros of Linux would help too.

Is Mandriva a good Linux Distribution?

I’ve been using a lot of Linux distros lately, and the only one I really like is Mandriva? Is it a good Linux distro?