Ive just got a sony vaio pcg c1xd, for free from a friend.

Its the perfect size for just quick browzing etc, but its very limited in resources.

Pentium II @ 400Mhz
64Mb built in sdram (noi expansion here :( )
6gb hdd

What would be a good distro to stick on this machine (i have an external cd drive). Im running xubuntu on it atm but this is veeeery slow. I tried installing puppy but it wouldnt install grub properly on the disk…

Also should i replace the noisy 6gb 4200 rpm disk with a 16gb cf card? will this be slower or faster?

Sabayon Linux Question.?

I read a little bit about this distro and I’d like to try it, but I have a simple question. Is it RPM based or Debian based?

I have one desktop, a netbook, and an old laptop. I no of many linux applications I like to run and have trouble getting rid of some of the ones that come with linux distros that i have no need for. Especially with my netbook only having 4gb of space i would like to be able to have just the ones I want installed. I want to be able to install one linux system on all three that will allow me to afterwards add a desktop enviorment or window manager as i see fit and then apps. If there is an easy way to take a distro and then change the desktop enviornment wheather terminal commands or gui that would help any ideas will be appreciated ill write messages if you need more info.


I am sorry i am new to the game… i just setup my linux box. now i want it to be a DNS SERVER. I’ve been trying to setup everything on my own. but i am now stuck to installing and configuring bind-9.5.0-P2 on my redhat linux. I’ve been trying to search for an answer but there are a lot of conflicts especially with the distro and versions of bind. My box is Linux version 2.4.20-8 (newbie@testingmahbox.com) (gcc version 3.2.2 20030222 (Red Hat Linux 3.2.2-5)) #1 Thu Mar 13 17:54:28 EST 2003

under uname is

Linux stmserver 2.4.20-8 #1 Thu Mar 13 17:54:28 EST 2003 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

I believe the right version of BIND for my box is bind-9.5.0-P2
I just dont know how to install and configure it.

Same as all other tutorial i found.. it says download it and extract and
./configure and make

i did the all the line above. now im stuck on what to do next.

slackware linux, is it as hard ?

i spotted a box of slackware linux on a software store the other day. i’m interested in linux, and have tried several distro like linux debian, suse, mandrake. i’ve read in many forums that slackware linux is hard to use. is it really that hard? i mean i don’t have a problem with debian, have successfully connect a windows share thru samba with it and modified it’s kernel modules by looking at help files and man pages, so slackware shouldn’t be THAT hard, should it? anyways, i’m just using linux as a hobby of mine. i like tinkering with linux.

please help me on finding which distro supports best, i prefer debian, thank you in advance guys!

I read about it on Linux Mint’s site

But it doesn’t have much information.
This edition is based on Debian; like the main edition is based on Ubuntu, So whats the real difference? is it faster, better, more stable and reliable than the Ubuntu based edition?

Another question: Isn’t Ubuntu based on Debian in the first place? then why have that said that its not compatible with Ubuntu?

Final question: Which main Distro is better- Ubuntu or Debian?

was kinda intrested in getting certified with red hat. is learning fedora in and out a good way of going about this, or is it better to go with centos. I haven’t used fedora yet…I’m mainly a sabayon linux user and read that linus use this distro. also do you know of any good places to learn fedora from the inside out?

I just setup Pardus (distro of Linux), and it uses KDE (K Desktop Environment), I had used Ubuntu before and that uses Debian (I am right?)

So what is the difference between Debian and KDE and does this limit me from using certain applications(programs), does it make anything harder/easier

What are the cons/pros of KDE and Debian (Why are there different Desktop Environments?)

is there a reason for me to switch to Ubuntu (I want to start with a good OS, and Pardus seems to be easier to use, but its easier to find documentation on Ubuntu)

there is ubuntu that comes with KDE? not my Q but….

So does KDE and Debian support all aplications

How does one run puppy linux in such a manner?

I would like to keep a distro of puppy linux on a flash drive and I would like to keep all the downloads, applications, system files, boot sectors, etc. on the same flash drive so that it serves as a hard drive in a way.
Is there any way for me to do that?

Thing the subject line/question above sum’s up my concern. I also want to try Ubuntu distro of Linux. But it came is a file form I didn’t know how to work with? Any input on both my issues?

Lately I’ve been reading up on Linux in general and now I am ready to settle into a distro. So if I was to read up on Ubuntu could I apply that to Mint as well?
Will the commands be the same as well?

What are some operating systems that are not a version or distro of Mac, Unix, Windows, Linux OS
Also excluding any os’es that reverse engineer mac, unix, windows, linux

Is Debian a linux desktop distro?

I’m fairly certain that debian is the distro I need but I would like to check to see if:
a) It’s a desktop distro
b)It’s a major desktop distro
c) has good support
d) will work with windows xp & 7

Thanks in Advance!!
Also what would be the difference between the technical specifications and the system requiremets of an OS.

What version of Windows, Mac OS, Solaris does your computer run

What distro and version of Linux, Solaris does your computer run

Do not go into what you think is the best OS’s i dont care

can i compile a windows application under linux?

i want to use linux, but my internship requires me to develop windows programs. is it possible to develop / compile windows programs under linux? distro does not matter.

I am a Linux newbi, and am using Debian sarge as my distro! I also use BSNL Data One Broadband connection with Smart AX MT882 adsl modem. I had tried 2 install/compile the relevant drivers 4 the modem in linux 4m the supplied CD , but 2 no avail!! How can I connect to the internet 4m linux?? plz be kind enough to give fairly detailed description!!!