which is better to use..?? help pls..?

hi!!! i just want to know which is better to use the debian linux or the Mandrake linux… if debian linux is much more better to use..
Why is it..it is better to use?? and what is the advantage of debian linux to mandrake linux.. need it today pls……. help me!!!

I am running Windows Home, and I am trying to connect to a Debian Linux computer using winscp382 (A program that allows you to brows the files on another computer if you know the computers ip, username and password). I use it to connect to 2 other Debian Linus servers from the same Windows computer, and it conneccts just fine. but when I try to conecct it to the other Debian computer it gives me and error saying " Network error: Connection refused" I know that the Debian computer is conected to the same network as the Windows computer and it is conected to the internet, and I know I have the username password and ip all correct. And one more thing, the user name that I am using for the debian computer is an addministrative account.

How do you get Linux to give me my RAID back?

I have an old server box that had a Adaptec aic 7899 RAID control on it. The box was running windows 2000 but everything was wiped. We changed it to a Debian Linux. how do I get the Raid back???

Keyboard problems on Debian Linux server?

I recently purchased a 30$ server with 768mb guaranteed ram from cheapdutch.com. The server is a Debian Linux, and strangely when I type a letter into a search bar or anywhere a different letter comes out. Ex when I type "t" a "z" comes out. If anyone could help resolve this problem that would be great.

I have 2 debian linux computers. One is a media pc server that’s hooked up to a bigscreen. The other is my laptop. I want to be able to control the server from my laptop over a network, so when i point and click it on my laptop, it will start a movie (or whatever) on the media pc. I installed VNC but it seems to only let you login as a seperate session… so im kinda stuck. Any help?
It’s not that I have a ‘morbid fear’ of the command prompt, I just don’t want to have to take the time to learn commands for something as simple as turning the volume up and down, or making a video fullscreen…

it just makes more sense for it to be graphical to me.

I’m trying to install linux Debian, linux Unbuntu, and Windows XP on my laptop, but havn’t been able to do so. everytime I try, I have only been able to load only two (2) of them. Does anyone knows how to do that? If so, please help me.

Thank you in advance for your patience and coorperation.
Every time I insatalled the 3rd OS, the computer only load the 3rd OS, but doesn’t give me the option of chosing the othe OS installed.

NEED HELP Downloading Debian (Linux)?

I have downloaded the Debian "cd images" and Extracted them to a directory called "C:\Debian (Linux)" and then I click setup and then English then OK then I agree and once I click I agree it says "Cannot find win32-loader.ini" when win32-loader.ini is right next to the setup? how can I fix this error? I want DEBIAN!!!!

I am a brand new Debian Linux user – and I'm loving it!

My monitor is a Samsung 226BW 16:10 aspect ratio. The display settings
in Debian has only 4 resolution choices, none of which are 16:10 – so
my monitor looks streched. How do I customize the resolution?
I'm looking for step-by-step insructions. As I said, I'm a newbie. Following examples is a great way for me to learn this OS.