How do I download Flash player to Linux?

I just now got linux; therefore, I need to download a few things. I need to download flash player, so I can watch videos on Youtube. However, when I download it, it tells me:

"Could not open "flash-plugin-"

Archive type not supported."

Okay. Then how do I do this? Will I get this message every time I try to download a program to Linux?

Yes, I did try to download one of the many Linux versions of Flash. I know it’s not my computer because my dad’s computer done the same thing that mine is doing.
This is a new computer with Windows 7 Ultimate beta version and Vista. I am just playing with Linux for fun.
I got it to work. I already know who’s going to get the best answer. Thanks. I just needed that little piece of info.

I’m on acer netbook linux (Fedora 8). I tried to install the xvid codec and xine media player from rpm packages. I might have deleted after it said there was a conflict. Now ffmpeg isn’t working. It says :error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Please help with exact instructions and codes. I actually found this file in another directory so I’m not sure if it got deleted or not. Any links or rpm packages with this file in it would help.

Please don’t answer if you have no idea about linux. Some people try to get cute on here, but I need real answers today because I wanted to grab some songs from youtube and make a birthday cd by converting them to mp3 in ffmpeg. My dad’s B-day is tomm. so please hurry.
Just tried this same error message. Thanks anyway.

my dad plug in his 4 Gb flash drive on linux OS and the linux won’t detect it, only 2 Gb flash drive detected in linux. is it true?

Me and my dad are trying to do a duel boot. He installed Debian already and now we went to install XP but the computer wont boot the cd. We have various XP disks but none of them will boot from Cd. He even tryed to configure the BIOS so that it ONLY boots from cdrom, but alas no luck.

Is there any other way we can install XP, or maybe copy XP from another hard drive onto this one?

hes a smart guy and i only know a little big… but im asking for him… so any ideas would be apriciated