I’ve changed the boot order to Optical drive "first" so that it boots from the WinXP CD in the drive, that didn’t work -it simply booted into Mandriva. I also tried it with SATA "disabled", then with SATA "enabled"…either way, the laptop just kept ignoring the WinXP CD and booted into Mandriva. Can someone help out, I absolutely hate Mndriva (while I love Ubuntu and Fedora). Thanx.

Installing SUSE Linux?

I am trying to install SUSE Linux 10.2 via internet installation with a single CD with the mini ISO on it. I have changed my boot order to start with the CD, I used a freeware program that knows how to burn ISOs since XP doesn’t know how as well. But every time I restart with the CD, it still boots into Windows. Someone suggested holding down Shift, though that changes nothing. Any help would be immensely appreciated.
I used a freeware burning tool called CD Burner XP, which was suggested on the SUSE Linux website.

I am developing a small embedded debian linux device with firefox/iceweasel and a 7" touchscreen display. I need to create a custom action/response/page/redirect when the device boots and can not connect to the network (i.e. some 4xx http error, can’t reach http://www.linux.org/). Is there something built into firefox? If not, any other ideas? Thank You!!!

Also just a side question, does not need to be answered but where can I find a Free copy of Everest as a rpm in Linux?
I download a bios update but it dosent load or do anything at all, it just boots into Linux (Fedora Core 6) as per normal

What can I do to bypass the admin. login page when Suse Linux 10.1 boots up? I didn’t set it up to ask for a login name and password but it does that everytime it boots up. How do I fix it or go around it?

IE, could I boot Puppy from BIOS, OR just proceed to windows and access a "toolbox" for fixing computers, without negatively affecting how Puppy boots?

How do I do this in Ubuntu Linux?

I will using a server verison of linux.
I want my computer to do certain events at certain times.

For example at noon I want it to use clamav to scan the shared foldor
at 11:55 I want it to do a restart
When it boots up there are certain applications I want it to run.
At 6:00 am I want it to launch a magic packet that will boot up my main computer.

I know the commands on if I am physical at the computer, but I want it to do this while I am away and automatically.

Ok so i got everything right with this installation.
Everything boots right in perfect.
Im running Ubuntu Linux Fiesty Fawn 7.04 on Microsoft’s Virtual PC console.
I have a problem when i try to apply the
‘Desktop Effects’ i enable them and then poof my screen turns white i cannot see absolutely anything! After that Ubuntu automatically turns this feature off (about 5 sec)
This is the most important reason in why i was trying out Linux to make it my primary OS because of the work effeciency that you get for example using the cube effect.
I find that Linux runs pretty slow! i allocate 512 mb of ram to Microsoft Virtual PC and i notice that Windows XP and Ubuntu are not even close in speed!
Please note that:

Windows XP and Fiesty Fawn are running side by side and Linux is a lot slower than XP!!!!
My Computer Specs are:
Intel Pentium 4 3.20 ghz
1 GB DDR Ram
200 GB SATA internal Hard drive
250 GB Seagate external Hard drive
ATI Radeon X1550 PCI (not PCI-Express :[ )

Me and my dad are trying to do a duel boot. He installed Debian already and now we went to install XP but the computer wont boot the cd. We have various XP disks but none of them will boot from Cd. He even tryed to configure the BIOS so that it ONLY boots from cdrom, but alas no luck.

Is there any other way we can install XP, or maybe copy XP from another hard drive onto this one?

hes a smart guy and i only know a little big… but im asking for him… so any ideas would be apriciated

I bought a Acer Aspire 5004 NWLMI. Windows XP Professional is already installed. I downloaded the RHEL 4(AS) from a torrent site. I then burned the image to the cd using Nero 7. And when i boot the using the CD, the following things happen (the problem is the last thing)
1. it show ISO Linux 2.xx and boots the system
2. Then it show Redhat Enterprise Linux
- To Install or Upgrade in graphical mode, press enter key
3. I chose the enter key
4. Then it says loading vmlinuz…………
Loading initrd.img………………………
Then it detects all hardware and harddisk….(All the harddisk and the dvd drive is detected.)
5. Then it continues to the last stage saying
loading /sbin/install
running installer
loading /sbin/loader
after that the screen turns black the system stops responding…… There is no harddisk activity nor cd activity in the system.
What should i do? i tried booting the system using linux dd, linux noprobe…. but the same result…
Please help