Do you use mandriva Linux?

If so……………..

How are the graphics?
How is the ease of use?
How much bundeled software comes? (games, openoffice, firefox, etc?

Is it easy compared to windows?
How are the default graphics? (is 3D default, Beryl)

I just want to know before I install.

Hi need help with opensuse.?

I wanted to install this cool thing, (if u want to install 2 go ahead)

I want to install this cause its hard to install beryl,
this seems pretty easy.
But there is only one problem, it says u need a vide Accelerator Geforce 3 or up.
I dont know what kind of video accelerator I have?
How to I check?
And if i dont have it , where can I download it and how can I install it?
plz. help.

linux experts please help?

i dont know how to install linux applications.never comfortable
with rpm and tarballs.which linux should i choose that includes all window managers, all desktop envionment from kde 4.1 to gnome,all x servers ,all themes from beryl to…..,all partion managers, all boot managers. i mean all the free applications(popular) from the linux world.

I want to make my own distribution, targeted at linux newbies making the transition to linux. I would prefer it to be based on debian or ubuntu due to the large amount of software for both, yet something my own. Like a custom boot screen, one centralized task bar, and if it is in any way possible, the last copy of beryl. I would need the iso file.