I know of more games that are for Microsoft than there is for Apple Inc. and Linux. How come the other two never really entered the video game market?

I am used to working with linux and some programs are easier to download via terminal and now that I’ve switched to mac I haven’t found any information regarding download programs through apple terminal

any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

What do you think whether AMD (Athlon, Duron, Sempron, etc) or Intel Pentium etc, which one is the best in computer ?

What do you think whether Window, Linux, Apple or other operating system which one do you like ? which one is the best one ?

In Linux which one is the best ( whether Red Hat, Mandrake, Debian, Knopix or etc) ?

How do Open source products earn??

I have sometimes wondered, how do companies that rely on Open source earn? Talk of Linux, Linus Torvalds who developed this, what benefited him by giving such nice OS for free? Or other software product companies that that are on open source, how are these companies making money? And if they existing in the industry to do business, while giving out products for free, what business are they doing? I m not against open source, but business is about making money. If i start a business today and rely on open source, how am I going to have my bread and butter??

As IT people say, future is open source, does that means all the big companies needs to close down their business just cuz of open source, so where is business + making money going if companies have to close down, eg MS, Apple

Linux, Apple, Microsoft?

Which is better and why.
Linux – open source
apple – no bugs nice looking
M.S – rubbish, always freeze

I’ve checked out Apple!


Then I checked out Microsoft!


Last but not least Linux!


So I am not sure which one is best can you help me?
The blunt ugly truth check out the links and help me decide.
Please check out the links so you can better help me decide.
climbing up the walls – Thank you finally someone got it.

Or does any other media software work such as amorak?

I tried downloading Itunes but it won’t install.
Ok without installing WINE is there an way to make itunes work?
I mean it’s pretty ironic, ipods are apple softare!!! and Linnux is the OS for most apple machines, so why doesn’t itunes work with mandriva

This question has been on my mind all summer long. As I prepare for class in the fall I have been searching the interw3bs for a new laptop. This reason for wanting one is I have been using a eMac running Fedora 8-12 and I love it, but I think it is time to move on to something more portable. My three biggest concerns with buying a new notebook are in this order

Functionality (Programs "just work". and Program compatibility)(GPU, CPU,ect.)
Battery Life (7 hours or better —–> would be nice if i can get that performance on GNU?Linux)
Aesthetics (Oooooooo Shiny)

I am going to college to become an engineer. I don’t know which field of engineering but I know I want to build a better future for my home town and small villages in the 3rd world. The software I use now is all open source but don’t know if I can get away with using it in a college environment where AutoDesk and Adobe are king.


Thank You in advanced.

I don’t mind Apple’s closed system when it comes to iTunes and all that I have ways around that. But, they are showing great interest in F/OSS. Even if I run Windows ( another closed system) i still have to pay for the software. Might as well go closed source with open source benefits.

There are three basic brands of computer operating systems software available today. Which do you believe is the best from the standpoint of safety, security, and privacy?

Both Microsoft and Apple are US based companies which are for-profit enterprises with secret source code.

Linux, by contrast, is not-for-profit and you can get the source-code. It seems to me that Linux is the way of the future.

Here’s my motto:

Linux is the Bestux.

What do you think?

The scenario is that I’m a network administrator of a school. We have aquired computers with a mix of different operating systems; Microsoft Vista, Apple 10 X, and Edubuntu Linux. In the presentation, I have to do a comparision of these three operating systems. I need some serious help! These operating systems are so different. How can I compare them?

is linux a mix of microsoft and apple or is it just a third os?

I am looking to know if anyone has ever, in the past 20 years or so, written an operating system designed to be used in the home market, and tried to compete with apple and microsoft. I am not talking about linux, i am looking at operating systems desigend to produce profit.