? about WordPress, BlueHost, Hostgator & Linux?

I have a GoDaddy domain. I’ve been reading about hosts and hear that Bluehost & Hostgator work well with WordPress. Just now I come across a site though that explains that Hostgater run on Linux which is an operating system? like Windows. I have a computer that runs Vista. If I get Hostgator to host my site, will this Linux program somehow mess with the rest of my computer?
Please excuse my ignorance. I’m trying to learn…
And from what I understand I need to get WP from WP.org and not WP.com because I need to be able to add code. Is this the version I will get if I sign with a host???

which of these linux os is best?

I usually use Windows XP. now i swiched to Ubuntu & wanted to know is this the best linux can do or anyone of these are better?

Red Hat
Santa Fe Linux
Yellow Dog

Help in Linux to play multimedia?

I need players & codecs which can play all types o audio(mp3, wav,ogg, flac, wma) & video (mp*g, mov, rm, divx, flv, avi, mp4, x264….)
Is there any player r codec pack which has them all?
I prefer source codes or rpm/deb packs as i dont have net connection @ home.
I have Amarok 2 & i like it. I like to retain. i can play mp3 as i hv installed fluendo mp3 codec.
but for others plz tell me good player&codec packs
ok get me sites for packs one by one
i tryed thr mplayer all-20071007 pack(the latest available in their server) & tried it with players like xine totem & bansee none worked do those codec work only with mplayer?

Download Adobe Flash Player for Linux ?

I know what package & everything to download, but I can’t. Here’s what happens:
I click download. The box that says ‘Opening adobe-release-i1386-1.0-1.noarch.rpm’ pops up.
The options are ‘Open with’ & ‘Save file’. I’m supposed to open it, correct ? So, theres the drag down box next to ‘Open with’ for what to open it with. The selected one is ‘Archive Manager (default)’. This is the one I try to use, because it’s the default & when I looked under the other options I couldn’t find anything that seemed appropriate. So, I hit OK & two boxes pop up. One is just completely black & the other one is on top of it & it says ‘Could not open adobe-release-i1386-1.0-1.noarch.rpm. Archive type not supported.’ I have no idea what to do. I’ve looked through the other options for what to open in under, but I’m lost. PLEASE help. PLEASE. I can’t do anything if I don’t have Adobe Flash Player and it’s SO annoying. So, PLEASE help me. And, please be as detailed as possible. Thanks[:

1. Which is the best version of Linux & why? (links appreciated)?

2. I only have one PC so I would want to try it installed to a separate partition, alongside windows XP using multiple boot options – I assume this would work?

3. The main reason I want to dump microsoft (& kick bill gates in the nads) is that every time I get a faster processor or more memory, billy gates’s bloatware slows it right back down again (most things seemed to happen faster when I was using a 386SX). IN GENERAL [app dependent], would linux be an improvement in this area?

4. When I remove windows completely, will I still be able to communicate with MSN messenger buddies?

5. How would you describe the learning curve for someone who’s used to windows?

6. In your opinion, Is Linux likely to increase it’s share of the domestic market, and therefore pursuade more software developers to port their products to Linux?
ADDENDUM: I’d also like to know how system stability compares to windows, ditto for overall security – I think my current AV (AVG) is available for Linux but I haven’t checked to be sure.

Pippa Black:


Nicola Kiman:


Poll: Open source in the public schools?

Russia mandates that Open Source software (free software, for example: Open Office, and certain versions of Linux) be used in public schools. If the school does not want to use open source, then the school can use its own funds.
Would you be in favor of such a policy? Do you support or contribute the Open Source movement?


I have PC that configration is
Processor – D processor 2.88
Mother board – D102CG Intel chipset
Ram-512 ddr-2
HDD- Sata 80 GB
already in C: drive installed XP-II & D: drive also free here. but when i install redhat linux 9.0 system find error crc & hard drive not found i think they problem create Sata HDD. if have any driver for sata HDD for installation Linux. i want help. plz help me & solve my problem. Someone know’s HDD driver link for sata plz send link in your answer..

does red hat enterprise linux supports microsoft visual studio 2006(visual basic 2006) & oracle 9i?any software or virtual machines to be downloaded in order to run them in red hat linux enterprise edition,pls help me,thanks a lot in advance

Please take time to read the links below, your views please ?



Installing compiler suite on Mandriva?

I downloaded the solarisStudio 12.2 rpm package for linux directly from Oracle. Is there a way I can use the Mandriva "Install & Remove Software" installer to install it? Cause I don’t understand their install Instructions. Also if it doesn’t work on mandriva, how would I be able to do this with downloaded software that was compatible with mandriva?

iam very interested in working with suse linux latest version&fedora latest version but i have no much bandwidth to download the linux os so offer me any Email id’s for recieving these linux (i.e),fedora latest version or suse latest version by postal or courier with free of cost…..
please help me!…….and give suitable remedy for it.Iam awaiting for the idea it’s urgent….please!

Which "Flavor" of Linux is the best?

I really don’t know very much about Linux but I am very anxious to learn about it. In your opinion, which version would be the best for someone who is looking to learn the "in’s & out’s" of Linux (Red Hat, Linspire, Mandrake, etc.)? Which is the most user friendly? I have heard a lot of good things about Linspire. What is your take on this? Thanks in advance for your advice.


the cards are 16 beautiful colored drawings of the old cartoons, there is, I will list them. Fritz & Hans, Jungle Jim, Prince Valiant,Little Iodine,Buz Sawyer,Flash Gordon,Mandrake the Magician,Henry,Myrtle,Grandma,little Annie Rooney, and more

Do you hate Debian GNU/Linux?

I think I hate Debian
Sorry, Debian
I like Linux
… Don’t like Debian
… Or RedHat

Sorry, Debian & RedHat

Beginner in Linux and printer driver?

I have tried following various forums, but I am completely lost.

I started using Linux two days ago. I have 64 bit MINT 10. I do not know more than rudimentary command prompt.
I bought a canon PIXMA MP250 printer.
Now I need to make the two work together.

I am pretty sure my problem is with getting the drivers. Can someone give me a step by step and exact command prompt needed (if any) on how to get this printer to work? Including any commands I may need to type or things I may need.

Basically, I can’t get sudo apt-get install ((anything)) to work…I am not even sure if I am using that right.

I think the drivers I need are located here:


But I don’t know which one(s) or what rpm even is..and another forum said I need to "link the filter" because I have 64 bit…and I am still clueless.

Any help is appreciated. Thank You.

Any Specific Hard Disk partion format needed ? & which to install first FEDORA8 or WINDOWS when having multiple operating System ??

I think it started when I started year 3, but whenever Harry walks past a mandrake even in a pot that isn’t screaming he still covers his ears & walks really slowly. It hasn’t affected anything yet, but I feel like my game is getting a little glitchy and wondered if anyone else has that problem.

Adobe Flash Player for Linux?

Trying to install Flash for x86 it takes me to this page where I can download one of three ways, tar, rpm or YUM. Not sure which one to download they said to put it on the desktop; is one easier to work with than the other, also their directions for running the install were a bit vague, said to run


from the terminal but once I got there the terminal didn’t know what I was talking about. It may have done something in the background I wasn’t aware of and I may be missing a step.

Using latest version of Firefox with Ubuntu FIesty Fawn.


I just upgraded to Suse Linux 10.2 & now my system is telling me to free up some memory. I”m a newbie with Suse Linux so I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. It shows I have another partition of 70 GB of memory but I don’t know how to utilize it. Please help.

Swapping Suse Linux OS for another Linux OS?

Can anyone tell me if I can swap out Suse Linux 10.2 for another Linux OS? I’m not too happy with the version I have & I want to replace it. I upgraded from Suse Linux 10.1 to 10.2 but it just used up more of my memory which is running critically low. I don’t know how to use the other partition either which has 28 GB’s of memory. PLEASE ANYONE, HELP!

I am using Redhat ws 4

How 2 install google talk& yahoo msger in linux?

Hi guys…Now i’m doing "Hardware" & "Redhat Enterprise Linux 5". I need list all the total commands for Redhat linux. And also suggest me what can i do next to this course.What are the jobs available for this course. Thanks in advance.

how to remove linux mandriva from my pc?

i have installed winxp & mandriva onmy pc now i need to remove it does eny one know how

For my TAFE assignment, I need to know what the licensing requirements for Windows XP, 7 & Mandriva Linux?

Thanks In advance!