The situation is that I have been install various version in relation to the Fedora, but none of them actually worked because they constantly crashed during the booting processing. Therefore, I this is why I am using a older version known as Redhat Linux 9 which was released in 2003. Once, I finished installing it I notice that I had a slight problem which trying to set up a internet connect because it is somewhat indicating that either it does recognize the hardware or it is not set up correctly. I am constantly wondering on how to find the appropriate Ethernet driver to connect to the internet; however, at the same time how is possible to connect to internet using a USB cable modem through my USB ports? More significantly, how do you make the appropriate configuration? In addition, here are the specification of the my computer:

AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 2600+
-1.60 GHz, 1.2 GB of DDR1 RAM
-Maxtor 3 2049H2 SCSI Disk Device (20 Gigabytes)
-Western Digital WDC WD16 00JB-00REA0 SCSI Disk Device (160 GB)
-MSI K8MM-V (Motherboard)
-LAN – VIA VT6103L 10/100 Mb/s PHY…

In addition, I use a Motorola SURFboard SB5100 USB Cable Modem for an internet

I’ve installed MS Virtual PC 2007 on my pc (specs: 1.5Gb RAM, AMD Athlon 64 socket 754 CPU, BarRacuda 160Gb HDD =MID Rate: 683Mbps)
I’ve tried running the Knoppix Live CD in VPC 2007, but it freezes 80% of the way through the boot sequence. I have also tried Kubuntu KDE 8.0.4, which like the Knoppix runs well as a dual boot, however, the Kubuntu installation aborts immediately saying that it can’t run due to the fact that it needs 64/86 architecture, but it has only detected i586 architecture. I’m sure my PC meets the requirements, however I have read mixed reviews of Linux derivatives on MS VPC 2007, but I’m sure there must be a way. I’m currently downloading Mandriva Linux, and I’m hoping I can get it running. I prefer MS VPC 2007, but I also have VM Player installed. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Why does my computer always crash?

Everytime i play any kind of audio or video (more specifically with audio) my computer crashes! Its a selfmade computer with an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ CPU, 2gb of memory, and 74 gb 10,000 rpm hard drive.

The computer hasnt been running correctly ever since the power went out one day and obviously my computer shut down. When i booted it up again, it ALWAYS freezes when audio/video plays. I have updated all the drivers for both audio/video and done windows update.

I have the same problem witn windows 2000, win xp pro, win xp 64bit AND linux! Is it my motherboard or soundcard (creative audigy 2)?

One more thing to note is my motherboard has an ATI video chipset with PCI express x16 and i’m using a NVIDIA pci video card (very old school). I havnt bought a new video card (pci express ATI) due to this issue, i dont want to waste my money.

What do you think whether AMD (Athlon, Duron, Sempron, etc) or Intel Pentium etc, which one is the best in computer ?

What do you think whether Window, Linux, Apple or other operating system which one do you like ? which one is the best one ?

In Linux which one is the best ( whether Red Hat, Mandrake, Debian, Knopix or etc) ?

why don’t any linux distros work on my system?

ok first of all
i had a nvidia 6200 ealrier and only ubuntu amd 64 version(7.10 and 7.04 worked) when i tried to boot up any opther live cd or any linux distro it showed an error ,even if i dowloaded an x64 architecture ,it would load up to some extent and then say no bootable device found ,so as i told u that only ubuntu x64 version worked and i was happy but then i upgraded my system and changed my video card to nvidia 9600gt and ubuntu starts but there is no display ,i tried the live cd also then also no desplay

pc specs:
intel core 2 duo 1.86ghz
motherboard:intel dg965ry
3 gb ram (ddr2)
500 gb hard disk sata 7200 rpm(partitioned into four drives )
nvidia 9600gt

i only changed my graphic card ,rest of the system was untouched
will this live cd work

Kubuntu 8.10 64-bit

I just upgraded from Vista to Kubuntu Edgy 6.10 for 64 bit AMD.
I tried installing the ymessenger_1.0.4_1_i386.deb but is says that it needs the 64bit version.

How do I install Linux on my laptop?

I would like to install Linux as my main operating system on my laptop. I currently have windows XP installed on my Compaq Presario 700. I am having major problems with my laptop and this seems like a perfect time to start over and learn some stuff about linux. I would like to wipe out everything on this laptop, Windows included and start fresh with linux. My main use of this laptop is "internet surfing/learning linux" as it is a little older and I have better computers for other applications.
Here are my system stats,
900mhz mobile AMD processor
CD rom and floppy drive

So my question is, where do I start? How can I wipe out everthing on this computer and install Linux?

How do you get internet to work propley on Linux?!?

I have got a live disc version of Mandriva Linux, and also Slackware Linux, but I do not know which Drivers I need to get them to work with wireless??!!

I am using a HP Compaq with an AMD Turion 64 x2 processor, and a Broadcom wireless card.

Can anyone help?! :]


I’m playing around with an AMD K6-2 400 with 256MB of ram and a 10GB hard drive. Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I recently installed the 32-bit version of openSUSE on a AMD Sempron 3600+. Before bothering installing the 64-bit version in stead I’m thinking about running a few tests to rerun on the 64-bit install and then compare the systems.

Just about the only idea I have is compressing and uncompressing very large amounts of data and time it. Any other suggestions? Windows has plenty of geeky software for this type of thing, but how about a Linux thing? Preferably with a neat RPM.
OS: Linux i686
System: openSUSE 10.3 (i586)
KDE: 3.5.7 "release 72.2"
ATI Technologies Inc: Model: ATI RADEON 9600 Series (RV350/RV360 4150)
Driver: fglrx (3D)
RAM: 1.011,4 MB

linux debian?

i have an amd sempron cpu and i wanted linux debian after i heard about it from one of my friends .. i visited the website and downloaded a package for amd64 (thats the closest match) but its not installing on my system is there anything i can do to make it run….

Help with Linux and installing xchat?

I’m real new to linux and i’ve tried to look up how to do it and have failed at all the tutorials that i could find… i’m running opensuse 10.2 and have an AMD Athlon 64 3700+ with 1 gb ram. first off, with linux, i’m trying to figure out what, when i’m downloading versions of files, extensions like x86_64 and i686 mean – and how i figure out which one of them my computer is running on – does it have to do with the kernel?

now with xchat, could someone please tell me how to install this program through console? the file name is suse102.x86_64.rpm – the website i am downloading off of is


Which Linux OS will work best on my Computer?

I have a Compaq Presario F756NR with AMD Turion 64 x2 Processor and have tried Ubuntu, but it could not recognize some of my drivers (particularly my wireless card). Which OS will run fastest and recognize my hardware the best on my computer?

Problems setting up debian linux?

just got a new emachine..
windows vista sucks so i was gonna install linux
this is my comp

# eMachines 17-inch diagonal widescreen LCD monitor
Presents 1280 x 720 resolution with 8 ms. response time and 500:1 contrast ratio
# 2.4 GHz AMD Athlon 64 processor 3800+
Delivers the processing power required for true multitasking and multimedia
# 1 GB of DDR2 system memory
Offers good performance for today’s demanding applications along with the option of expanding up to 4 GB
# 250 GB hard drive, 7200 rpm
Provides plenty of storage space for documents, games, music, photos and videos
# SuperMulti DVD-R/RW drive with double-layer capability
Lets you burn and play DVDs and CDs for entertainment and data backup
# 10/100 Base-T network interface and 56k modem
Connects to the Internet via DSL, cable or dial-up service

pretty sure it has linux reqs..

but itll always freaze up when its partioning the drives or installing debian


I have a 1.78 ghz amd sempron processor, and only 224 mb of ram. Which linux os. would work for me?

I’m on a desktop with an AMD Phenom Quad Core processor and I would like to dual boot Windows Vista and Linux Debian, I’m going to put it on my other drive (F) opposed to my main drive (C)

So can anyone give me the link to the Debian download link for AMD Phenom?


I cant get mandriva linux working on my pc?

I tried to install mandriva linux on my pc, and it doesn’t finish starting up. and it freezes. But when i install it on my old pc it works fine. then i thought it might be the processors. my new pc is a amd, and my old pc is intel. is there a mandriva one linux for amd processors?