Linpus Linux Lite questions?

i am trying to redo a friends computer it is a Acer Aspire One it had Windows XP on it and Ubuntu Netbook wont install on it i am downloading Linpus Linux Lite that acer uses on its Aspire Ones only thing is i know nothing about Linpus how easy is it to use compared to a long time windows user and is it Ubuntu (.deb) based or Fedora (.rpm) based?

I used to be able to play runescape on my Acer aspire one until one day i clicked ‘Play now’ and it said i needed to install a missing plugin called Java Runtime Enviroment. I clicked install and immediately after a window came up saying no plugins were installed and gave me an option for manual installation. Ive read on other websites such as these people said that you need a file calledjdk-6u12-linux-i586-rpm.bin BUT i cant find this file anywhere !! Also if u find the download can u tell me how to install it Thanks. Much appreciated and i hope i get back on soon :) ( i use Firefox 3.6)

Java on Linux wont work?

I need to install java on my Acer netbook so i downloaded the file jre-6u23-linux-rpm.bin. i then opened a terminal typed in su and typed in my root password i followed the instructions they told me to and this happened.
[user@localhost ~]$ su
[root@localhost user]# cd /usr/java
[root@localhost java]# chmod a+x jre-6u23-linux-rpm.bin
chmod: cannot access ‘jre-6u23-linux-rpm.bin’ : No such file or directory

I know for a fact that i downloaded the file and it is in my downloads folder at the moment.

Please Help Me!! I followed exact instructions on and downloaded the file on java’s website.


I just purchased the new Acer Aspire One with XP (rather than Linux). I have Microsoft Office for Home and School with a license for 3 computers so would like to put Office on to the Acer.

However the Acer does not have an external CD rom – is there a way I can do this easily?


I have an Acer Aspire One A110 and its been quite a fun little project computer. I installed and extra 1Gb ram and switched the Linux OS for XP (will try and get Windows 7 on it one day) but the only thing holding it back is the poxy 8Gb slow ass SSD drive. I want to upgrade it whether its to 30GB or 250GB anything is better than 8GB plus it is in bits at the moment, that was fun but I thought while it is in bits I might as well get a HDD because I have found loads of tutorials but I am afraid of getting a 2.5 inch one because I am no good at small electronics and rewiring. I want to simply plug in the zif cable and it works.

Something like this

Please help asap. Btw I am in the UK and please I am trying to avoid eBay atm.

I bought a Acer Aspire 5004 NWLMI. Windows XP Professional is already installed. I downloaded the RHEL 4(AS) from a torrent site. I then burned the image to the cd using Nero 7. And when i boot the using the CD, the following things happen (the problem is the last thing)
1. it show ISO Linux 2.xx and boots the system
2. Then it show Redhat Enterprise Linux
- To Install or Upgrade in graphical mode, press enter key
3. I chose the enter key
4. Then it says loading vmlinuz…………
Loading initrd.img………………………
Then it detects all hardware and harddisk….(All the harddisk and the dvd drive is detected.)
5. Then it continues to the last stage saying
loading /sbin/install
running installer
loading /sbin/loader
after that the screen turns black the system stops responding…… There is no harddisk activity nor cd activity in the system.
What should i do? i tried booting the system using linux dd, linux noprobe…. but the same result…
Please help

I want the new Ubuntu netbook remix on my new acer but just want to boot it each time from a SD card, to keep my XP OS, but will it still retrieve documents, and things I have DL on to it each time I boot up, or will they be erased. I am very new to this so any information would be useful.


i play texas holdem poker on facebook ALOT lol. BUT… its tellin me i need to upgrade my flash player to play it… i click the link and it gives me options for the upgrade.
i have an acer aspire one netbook on linux…
(operating system – linpus linux lite v1.0.21.E)
firefox is built in as my web browser so upgrade has to b for firefox.

the adobe flash player gives me the option for linux… and then gives me 4 more options to choose from…
options are:
1- YUM for linux
2- .tar.gz for linux
3- .rpm for linux
4- .deb for ubuntu 8.04+

which one do i pick… iv tried em all with no luck, am i doin sumin wrong??

someone please just help me upgrade the flash player as its REALLY annoying me!!!

i will pick the best answer for whichever one works lol
p.s some step by step instructions would be great to as i aint done this before so got no clue lol

how to change linux OS to windows xp?

i have an Acer aspire one laptop with a linux OS inside. i want to change it into windows xp thru installation using a flash drive. can somebody help me how to do it properly. tnx!

What Linux OS should i put on my netbook?

I have an Acer Aspire One Netbook, I’ve heard of something called moblin but i don’t know much about linux, which one should i use?

or…should i stick with XP even though i don’t like it?

i have heard that linux doesn’t require an anti virus? i would like to understand whats the answer to that issue. also what programs can be installed on that mini laptop again its an acer aspire one with os linux. can anyone plz help me i want to buy one but i wanna keep it protected what anti virus works with linux preferably free and what programs can i install on it.?

I am looking to buy a Acer Aspire One with Linux to use as a mobile computer and my home system is a PC with microsoft. Will i be able to save word doc files to use on my home computer????

Hi all,
I recently bought a acer one net book with linux on it, does any one know how i can if its possible to rearrange the desktop icons so that they appear like the icons would on microsoft os. Also how do i set a desktop picture.