I’m writing a 15 page research paper on linux right now, well more like researching right now for the paper. Started searching through google about linux and eventually found out that Novell and Microsoft has teamed up.

Okay theres two parts to this post.

One what do you think i should write the paper on?

Two. I’m leaning on talking about how Novell and Microsoft has teamed up and what that means for the rest of the industry.

I go to school for Internet/Network Engineering and right now I have no idea in what direction I want to go with it. This paper is making me feel as if I should get really good with suse linux, since it’s a cheaper route than windows for companies and with suse and microsoft teaming up the interoperability seems great between the two. I was leaning more as just being a microsoft man since alot of people use microsoft, but if the economy is driving users towards linux and if suse linux is with microsoft Id think the merger would make this version of linux be everywhere as is microsoft is everywhere and it be the most valuable thing to know.

That’s just what assumptions and thoughts that are going through my mind.

I just want to hear what you think I should write the linux paper on and or am I correct about this merger making microsoft and novell suse linux a huge monopoly on the computer world, and would that make a good a paper?

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