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I have a 80gb hd with win xp on it and i tried installing suse linux the i cancled…it shrunk my windows partition to 33gb and made its own partion… but it only shows 33g hd in windows now…how do i gt it back wihout reinstalling windows i need 80gb back…it list other volumes on drive in device manager but they are uneccelsible, only 33gb with windows is accesible… it is one hd

Hi , I am using Open SuSe Linux 10.3 .. i was using , while Gnome Desktop TaskBar Disappeared… what should i do to regain….

Firewire Drives and SuSE Linux 9.0?

I can’t get my firewire drive to be detected with SuSE Linux 9.0. Is there anything I need to do to make this happen?

Idiot needs help with SuSE linux 10.1?

I had Windows XP Professional and Suse Linux 10.1 "installed”–dual boot. I followed a tutorial showing me how to uninstall Linux by means of deleting partitions. Hence, drive G was created. But then when I restarted a my computer I could boot into windows because of, as I now know, grub. So I reinstalled Linux. Well! I found another tutorial telling me to do that same thing–so now I have a drive T as well as a G–and that I could then merge those partitions. So I downloaded this program: . It was the only one I could find that had a free trial and was a .exe installer file. Right, so I was forced to restart my computer . . only I could not, due to grub. So I reinstalled Linux, and now I have more partitions than I started with. How can I merge them so I only have a drive D and C (plus the removable ones) and uninstall SUSE linux? I do not have an installer CD for XP because it came pre-installed. And I can’t remember my SuSE username and password. Can any one please explain all this to me, step by step, slowly(!) and in plain English because I’m stupid and even now I barely know what I’m talking about. I’ve looked and looked and looked for tutorials and either I can’t understand them, or they don’t fit my situation. Well, before I got to the part where I put in my username and password and such–that is, right after the installation–it booted me back to the main menu and THEN took me back to the grub boot screen. Then my computer restarted myself. Just as it shut off, I pulled out the SUSE linux dvd, then as it was starting up, I hit the system recovery key–f10–on the compaq startup screen. This has never worked, but I tried, nearly out of habit. My key pressing went ignored. The grub boot screen started up-now, here’s where mine is rather unusual (at least I think it is–it didn’t look like this the first time I installed linux–this is my third time to install it):

Suse Linux 10.1
windows 1
windows 2
Suse Linux 10.1 in safe mode.

At least, this is how I remember the menu . . My memory really is terrible. Now, normally to log onto Windows I have to use windows 2–windows 1 just takes be back to the boot screen. But I thought, might as well, and opted for windows 1. I was then taken to the Windows System Recovery console. I went throught the process . . . it kept my old programs, restored my default settings, brought back all of my OLD bookmarks (from last year) and plugins for firefox. . . . The partitions were still split up the same, but with different names. I’m scared to restart again and see what happens.

suse linux 10.1???

I want to download suse linux 10.1 i found my mirror but i dont know which option to chose,
x86 or x86-64 or ppc or Checksums or what?

disk cleaners for linux suse?

I’m testing Linux Suse in VM and I’m not familiar with the OS. I’d like some direction on a good utility similar to Ccleaner for windows to help keep temp files and crud down. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also wondering about anti-virus programs and antimaleware programs for suse.

Suse linux, problems?

Ok im duel booting with windows and Suse Linux 10.3 , and i got my internet to work fine on windows but, heres my problem on Linux.

Ok i have for my internet, ( hopefully switching soon ) and i connect like this. First i connect to my wireless router, ( with a wep encryption) then ( PPPOE ). But on linux, i have NO clue how to get this to work. P.S At@t SUCKS!!! so they dont have any linux support,

Suse linux 10.1 and internet.?

How do i get to use ioternet on my newly installed Suse Linux 10.1 ?
My modem is a DSL modem and i have the required drivers on a CD.


Is there anyway in which i can see the windows drive(correct me if i am wrong) in linux and contents in linux drive when in windows.?


Which is the best website for a new linux user like me to visit?

Installing software on SUSE Linux?

How on earth do you install a program on SUSE Linux? I have dowloaded the program SNORT and I have no earthly idea how to install it. I am not at all familiar with Linux and when I open the folder I downloaded, I see no executable files. The filename of the file I downloaded is snort-2.6.1.tar.gz

Any answers as to how I might accomplish the installations of this would be greatly appriciated.
How then, do you compile the source code into a .rpm?

Yahoo messenger for suse linux?

someone plz gimme the link of yahoo messenger which supports SUSE linux

I have installed suse linux 10.1 ..after that i had to format my pc and had to install windows on the system..the linux space remains there a way to get back my boot loader and use both my linux and windows?

SOundmax driver on suse linux?

I have recently installed suse 10.0 linux on my lenovo 3000 J115. As great as it is, I am quite dismayed that my integrated sound card (by the company soundmax…lenovo is a bit cryptic about giving the type, but the windows driver is labeled "q4aud23us13.exe"…default embedded sound card.) is not being recognized. Can anyone give me a step by step on where to find a driver and how to install it?

ALI Soundmax Card
There is a little icon on the top bar (running gnome) that looks like a speaker with a little red x next to it. I tried clicking it, and it says my sound card isnt configured. I tried configuring it, but i cannot find my card in the list of drivers that are preinstalled.

I’m new to the whole Linux thing

SNORT on SUSE Linux?

I need some help on setting up a SNORT server that runs on SUSE Linux. I would gladly take any suggestions.

urgent please…

Suse linux? Any problems?

Im testing linux suse in virtual box. Im normaly a die hard windows user and am more than halfway through a networking program centered arround microsoft. Im a brand new user in a linux environment however and id like to know what to expect when installing drivers. Im also having a hard time (a very hard time) connecting to my home network which is windows based. I need some pointers. Please give me some pointers. Spanks

Suse Linux Fat pf NTFS?

Should I use FAT file system or NTFS for Suse Linux? Will the installer partition my hard drive for me or do I need to?

copy large files (8G) in suse linux 9.3?

I am copying a large file (8G..mysql backup.sql) to my USB disk (I also tried copy it to another machine). But it always give me an error when it copies about 4G files. It seems that suse linux can not handle files bigger than 4G. Are there any solutions or workaround?

thanks for your attention.

Installing SUSE Linux?

I am trying to install SUSE Linux 10.2 via internet installation with a single CD with the mini ISO on it. I have changed my boot order to start with the CD, I used a freeware program that knows how to burn ISOs since XP doesn’t know how as well. But every time I restart with the CD, it still boots into Windows. Someone suggested holding down Shift, though that changes nothing. Any help would be immensely appreciated.
I used a freeware burning tool called CD Burner XP, which was suggested on the SUSE Linux website.

I have downloaded a game called frets on fire for Linux i have uncompressed it and tried to open fretsonfire.bin which is the executable file. nothing happens
I’m very new to linux and don’t know anything i am figuring it out as i go. i cannot afford windows so that is why i’m using openSuse 10.3. if any more help is available i could use it also if it helps i’m using kde

I can’t figure it out…so any help will be appreciated.