I hosted with squarebrothers.com and series of problems haunted me and my website. I wanted to transfer to net4.in but online reviews are reminding me my past horrible experience. These are for static portfolio websites I guess.

I run a daily updated blog that grows rapidly in both size and number of unique visitors.

I run a wordpress blog with at least 2500 unique page views.

I don’t want to have any problems like "bandwidth exceeded" or "CPU resource abuse" or anything else

Can anyone recommend a shared linux hosting service?

money doesn’t matter much

Do I need to go to VPS or dedicated server otherwise?

I invite all recommendations with any plan of web hosting though I prefer Indian company. Do I need to host with US companies for shared or VPS or dedicated server palns? any recommendations on which company?

I am standing with just backup, I don’t want to end up like this again so please help me if you know a hosting company with very good customer support.

Thanks in advance


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