Need hints for building a 6TB RAID5 Linux-Server!?

I’m planning to build my own server with about 6TB storage in a RAID5 array. Lately i’ve read a lot about those things to inform myself but there are some things most people don’t need but I am interested in.

Some facts first though:
– I plan to use Ubuntu-server with webmin
– Software-Raid for my 6TB storage
– Raid5 is OS-free –> Storage only
– OS is on seperate disk in "onboard" RAID 1
– Server should run some simple programs or scripts like IRC-Bot
– FreeNAS looks nice but can’t run normal programs like IRC-Bot etc (right?)

So now to my questions:
– Should i use hdds with 5400 rpm or normal ones? it’ll be 1 gbit network card only so i think 5400 is enough. And they need less power make less noise and last longer right?
– What hardware should i use? Starting with a big enough casing to processing power and power source i got no clue what a pc like that needs. Since i’d like to use software RAID I don’t want to spend money on RAID-Cards.
– Eventually i’ll run Xen on that thing. Nothing too fancy, just playing around a bit. What OS should i use? I know Ubuntu but i heard CentOS is good for servers like that.

That’s it for now!
Thanks a lot for reading and probably replying!
Also if you got another good idea i’d be glad to hear it!

Thank you so much!
i don’t exactly plan to use it as a webserver so the bottleneck is not exactly the internet upload but the internal 1 gbit network i have.

just another machine @ probably another Mac sissy

mandragora autumnalis?

I have been looking for mandragora autumnalis seeds for awhile now but most of the seed suppliers are sold out. I have been succesful in growing mandragora vernalis but now I want to try growing the autumn mandrake . So does anyone Know where I can get some seeds??? thanks
the autumn one is for the more southern climes of the region where it from an dteh spring is from the northern part they are also known as black = autumn an dspring=white mandrakes

I accidentally moved my top panel to the right side in a weird way so that the objects in the panel got enlarged and I cannot access the Properties of the panel to move it back. I can only use the Applications and Actions menu in the panel. I can’t even delete the panel. Any help on how to fix this w/out resetting my gnome settings would be really appreciated

mandriva linux help?

i need some help with somethings

first in KDE when i watch a vid in you tube and it finish loading firefox keep closing ramdom times
in gnome firefox crashes at random times

and i want Xfce and fluxbox how do i get it

i don’t have package manager and don’t recomend another OS
i use mandriva one 2008

We have just purchased a dedicated server from fasthosts, running Linux Redhat Enterprise 5, however our script needs PHP 5.2.0 and the version installed is 5.1.6 – Can anyone tell us how to upgrade this, i have found various things online but none seem to work. A step by step would be great. Fasthosts customer support aparently say "its out of their range of support, as per usual. very unhelpful after spending over £1,000!"


My little brother doesn’t like linux, because of the way it is set up, and doesn’t like windows because he’s afraid of getting virus and spyware and stuff. Any thoughts
I don’t know how to change a program

Ive just got a sony vaio pcg c1xd, for free from a friend.

Its the perfect size for just quick browzing etc, but its very limited in resources.

Pentium II @ 400Mhz
64Mb built in sdram (noi expansion here 🙁 )
6gb hdd

What would be a good distro to stick on this machine (i have an external cd drive). Im running xubuntu on it atm but this is veeeery slow. I tried installing puppy but it wouldnt install grub properly on the disk…

Also should i replace the noisy 6gb 4200 rpm disk with a 16gb cf card? will this be slower or faster?

Linux or Microsoft?

Which do you personally prefer ? and why ?

What if a blind person looks at a Basilisk?

Or a mandrake screams near a deaf person?

how to install linux native with windows 7?

My basic operating system is windows 7 , and Recently i need linux for some applications, i want some steps to run linux with windows without using virtual machine , thanks

Firewire Drives and SuSE Linux 9.0?

I can’t get my firewire drive to be detected with SuSE Linux 9.0. Is there anything I need to do to make this happen?

how to install hd webcam c310 in linux debian?

Does linux open source receiver need LNB?

If I buy a linux open source receiver, do I still need LNB or it works as long as I connect it to internet?

Did JK Rowling create mandrakes?

I was going to use some in my story, because I saw that in another story they used Mandrakes. So I was curious if JK Rowling created them. All your help is appreciated.

linux mandriva trouble installing?

i cant install it i get a message saying no path code or something its like i donwloaded it with the program depending on my computer to have the installation pack already so whats the point of downloading then? i got it off a website and it wont install please help guys

Help in Linux to play multimedia?

I need players & codecs which can play all types o audio(mp3, wav,ogg, flac, wma) & video (mp*g, mov, rm, divx, flv, avi, mp4, x264….)
Is there any player r codec pack which has them all?
I prefer source codes or rpm/deb packs as i dont have net connection @ home.
I have Amarok 2 & i like it. I like to retain. i can play mp3 as i hv installed fluendo mp3 codec.
but for others plz tell me good player&codec packs
ok get me sites for packs one by one
i tryed thr mplayer all-20071007 pack(the latest available in their server) & tried it with players like xine totem & bansee none worked do those codec work only with mplayer?

I partitioned a small portion of my laptops hard drive to install redhat Linux, and when I start up my computer it is defaulting to Linux. How do I change this to windows 7?

why is Linux Mint going Debian?

Linux Mint was based off Ubuntu, which is based off Debian. Why are they going to base it off Debian when it sort of already is? Also, where can I find Linux Mint 11 with KDE? I don’t have anything against Gnome, it’s a wonderful and stable DE but my eyes simply like KDE better.

Where can i buy a mandrake plant?

Legally and if possible in Arizona. If you have any information regarding the price please include it, thanks 🙂
i graduated from Hogwarts two years ago Lavender! I live in the USA now and magical plants are tricky to find! hahaha

Right now I am running Ubuntu 11.04 natty and I don’t like it what is the best Linux open source provider I can use to make my computer more efficient?

Just wondering if there’s any os that has the capability to run just about anything.