Looking for website feedback and viewers. I feel that open code makes a more secure program. Internet Exploder got Firefox, Windows got Ubuntu Linux and both open counterparts beat their closed, buggy, security holed, softwares.

Here’s my question, Do you think we deserve a DAILY VOTE for N America’s 360,000,000+ people alongside our 5 YEAR vote???? (of least worst guy)

What problems would every day voters cause?
Security problems? How would YOU secure an online, open voting system for 7 billion humans on Earth? Server OS? Open/closed source code? Hackproof?
Should 90% in favour or displeased be enough to have citizen reforendums FORCING votes on popular opinions? 90% against sueing music fans? 90% against wasting money on wall street bail outs BEFORE it’s spent?

Open by design, linux manages MANY users opinions on writing new code, only in THIS case the code would be our laws and I feel ALL Americans/Canadians/Earth people DESERVE to vote every day under their "elected" "leaders".

http://www.opensourceg.com is my 15 dollar contribution in tribute to Linux! Anyone know any coders that can build this?

Even if just (to start) for stats, iVote app (free) and a website would freaking ROCK, no? I often thought 3rd party do gooders would spear head this b/c it’s not "profitable" to give up THAT MUCH power to every day citizens, ignorant about the world and all having problems to drown out the society. I say organize their thoughts and collect their votes!
Thanks for the posts, as for Andy H, well, that’s kinda the point. I don’t care if the elite and rich lose SOME power and wealth. That’s the friggan POINT. The ignorant kind who’d vote OUT basic health care for all. lmao.

"This President will NEVER allow electronic voting unless ACORN controls it the way they have gamed the paper ballot process in 2006 and 2008."…….pffffft. I’m not interested in "leadder" opinions, just regular people’s.

3rrd party will build this and won’t NEED permission for simple stats collecting (to prevent tampering). I agree official channels will NEVER want this. ;) (so it’s worthwhile…lmao, just like p2p file sharing)

Well if injected UNDER our official politician’s regular votes (that count, public can be just stats for a few introductory years to get it right)

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few…

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