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Is there a better version the Ubuntu?

Which of the following operating systems is open-source software?
A) Macintosh Operating System
B) Unix
C) Windows Operating System
D) Linux

Someone explain open source to me please.?

What is the motivation for people to write open source software? Who pays the developers that wrote linux? I understand why people write small open source programs, but who would spend all that time to get nothing in return???
I know what open source is, I’m in college to be a programmer……I guess what I wanna know is, do the developers of linux get paid??? If so who pays them???? How was Linux financed???

My little brother doesn’t like linux, because of the way it is set up, and doesn’t like windows because he’s afraid of getting virus and spyware and stuff. Any thoughts
I don’t know how to change a program

Does linux open source receiver need LNB?

If I buy a linux open source receiver, do I still need LNB or it works as long as I connect it to internet?

Right now I am running Ubuntu 11.04 natty and I don’t like it what is the best Linux open source provider I can use to make my computer more efficient?

Something that can rip blu-ray to high quality MKV for either windows or linux.

Open Source project participation?

I want to participate in an open source project, but don’t have a strong Linux background, but want to really learn it in detail nor have a programming background. I am an OCP (DBA and DEVELOPER), MCSE,MCDBA.

Can you suggest me on how can I participate ?

I am starting a website for people that think really far outside the box and want to share their intuition with the world in hopes of changing peoples lives. I am looking for open-source software to install in my Linux/mysql server. I am looking for one that has a blog, forum, member log in, RSS feeds, and also a place where you can put up videos. I have heard of many out there but i am having a hard time narrowing it down. I would live your guys opinions. Any ideas?

Why does LBUSD use Macs in their schools?

Why not work with open-source Linux/Ubuntu or cheap and common Windows?

anything built for Linux will run on Fedora? are there any open source for XP software? I want to know what happens to all my software that I bought if I have an open source operating system

Can Open Source Government Work?

Everyone knows whats wrong /w our system. Lack of public voice, pretending to care about people the day after elections, buying senatos/members of parliament /w campaign contributions & lobbyists fighting for corps over people.

i thought open source code worked VERY well for linux taking some of microsoft’s market (better FREE product). just thought spending 15 bucks on the website domain was a good idea. it’s still in it’s infancy and i’d love some help/group of people to discuss ideas /w or help out somehow.

love to push for ideas like:
-votable tax dollars (you earn it, you choose how to spend it)
-voting alongside your mp/senator to see the differences, generate stats
-debates and discussion /w anon users (so more truth gets out)

i can’t make a,,, or website (yet) but can do what i can.

is this attempt futile? does "democracy" even work anymore for "regular people" or are our voices just buried in a sea of problems. sure would love to get financial stats on where the money goes. :D

freescv @ is my email if yer interested. Also would love to read comments, critiques, or advise from anyone here about the idea.

in computer land open code means problems are exposed and fixed rather quickly. i just thought the same SHOULD be done for our govt.

thanks :)

Open source vs closed source programming?

A lot of people praise Linux for the fact that it gives people access to it’s source code, and talk down on windows for not releasing it. My question is, if you have windows installed on your computer, what is preventing you from looking at it’s source code?

Open Source Codes Pros and Cons?

Open-source programming embraces a philosophy that states programmers should make their code available to everyone rather than keeping it proprietary. The Linux operating system has had much success as an open-source code.
What are other advantages of open-source code (Linux or MACs "Snow Leppard")?

Why do you think that companies such as Microsoft maintain proprietary restrictions on their code?

I’d really like some free/open source software, on Linux, for Flash design/development. As up to date as possible. Any suggestions welcome, especially with review.

Open Source code and Microsoft?

Open-source programming embraces a philosophy that states programmers should make their code available to everyone rather than keeping it proprietary. The Linux operating system has had much success as an open source code. The chapter mentions some of the advantages of open source code, such as quicker code updates in response to technological advances and changes.

based on this paragraph i had to answer some questions for my assignment but i didnt get 2 questions they were:

Why do you think that companies such as Microsoft maintain proprietary restrictions on their code?


Are there disadvantages to maintaining proprietary code?

can someone explain this to me?

i have had smoothwall2.0/3.0 as my firewall on my desktop server for years and loved it, but i just switched over to blade dell servers and smoothwall 3.0/2.0 dosen’t work on RAID arrays. can someone give me like a list of free open source (preferably Linux/gnome based)good firewalls?

I want an OS that’s ready to use out of the box. The best I’ve found so far is Linux mint

Poll: Open source in the public schools?

Russia mandates that Open Source software (free software, for example: Open Office, and certain versions of Linux) be used in public schools. If the school does not want to use open source, then the school can use its own funds.
Would you be in favor of such a policy? Do you support or contribute the Open Source movement?

.. or authorize one etc? does one exist?

i heard some rumors of this a while back, but upon googling "open source windows" or "open source windows OS" , all i find is open source apps

i was told something like this existed but found it hard to believe, just based on how much he likes to go after linux users

The way government works today is so last millenium: we register to vote, we elect people to represent us, and they govern from a centralized bureaucracy. Can we improve on this, esp. given modern technology?

Specifically, can we apply the "open-source" model that’s increasingly popular now in technology (Linux, Wikipedia, etc.)? If so, what would that look like? And what are the main challenges, other than massive switching costs or disruption as we migrate/updgrade from one system to another?…

Linux is a free open-source OS in which the user has access to the source code which the program is written, but how do I modify it? What do I need?
Other people is creating their own OS, why can’t I?

I’ve got Ubuntu, the newest

kindly suggest an open source gui software in Ubuntu platform ..