So, the new title is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I’m from Romania, and people here have roughly translated that into something that sounds like "HP and the killer holy men". Which, honestly, sounds completely dumb! I’ve looked into a webster dictionary, and i found out that Hallow means to sanctify, to make holy, but it also means a cry, a shout of exultation, to shout something… neither of the explanations were holy persons. Also, the explanation for Deathly said, among other things, something indicating death. My question might sound stupid, but can anyone actually tell me what it means? Like explain the title to me… Could it be explained by, let’s say, Harry Potter and the cries that remind us of death? or the cries that suggest death? not deadly cries (like the mandrake roots :P ) but something like lily’s cry that harry hears when he faints… Please help me….
ok, sorry if my question was too confusing for some… anyway, could it possibly be that deathly hallows means deathly cries? just check out a dictionary. Hallow (and not hOllow) has a secondary meaning as "cry, shout". And why would Valley of death make more sense for Romania??

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