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So currently i have a windows server with .asp web pages. My website is search engine optimised and indexed very well by google and more than 95% of my traffic is from google search.

But now due to some reason i have to change the server to linux server and i wont be able to run .asp pages on it.

I have manually designed and created my web pages and last year i tried using wordpress and the whole thing changed. My traffic and alexa rank dropped to lowest because all the indexed web page gave an page not found error. I changed back to my previous .asp pages and the traffic started rising.

So now if i use .php pages or any cms for that website, then how can i redirect all not found error pages to the home page? Is it something related to custom error pages?

Linux server has htaccess page and windows has web.config. I learned about web.config but not sure about how to do it in htaccess. Any suggestion how can i solve this server switch issue? I dont really want the traffic to drop.

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