I’m planning to build my own server with about 6TB storage in a RAID5 array. Lately i’ve read a lot about those things to inform myself but there are some things most people don’t need but I am interested in.

Some facts first though:
– I plan to use Ubuntu-server with webmin
– Software-Raid for my 6TB storage
– Raid5 is OS-free –> Storage only
– OS is on seperate disk in "onboard" RAID 1
– Server should run some simple programs or scripts like IRC-Bot
– FreeNAS looks nice but can’t run normal programs like IRC-Bot etc (right?)

So now to my questions:
– Should i use hdds with 5400 rpm or normal ones? it’ll be 1 gbit network card only so i think 5400 is enough. And they need less power make less noise and last longer right?
– What hardware should i use? Starting with a big enough casing to processing power and power source i got no clue what a pc like that needs. Since i’d like to use software RAID I don’t want to spend money on RAID-Cards.
– Eventually i’ll run Xen on that thing. Nothing too fancy, just playing around a bit. What OS should i use? I know Ubuntu but i heard CentOS is good for servers like that.

That’s it for now!
Thanks a lot for reading and probably replying!
Also if you got another good idea i’d be glad to hear it!

Thank you so much!
i don’t exactly plan to use it as a webserver so the bottleneck is not exactly the internet upload but the internal 1 gbit network i have.

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