I installed mandriva, and my disk drive got broken shortly after. So I tried to update to the newest version and nothing works, plus it stayed at Mandriva 2009 instead of 2010. I can’t open urpmi, can’t install things from .RPM packages, can’t update, etc. etc. and graphic acceleration won’t (can’t) start, I have to run metacity from terminal and everything goes very slow. Nothing works now, what do I do?
and yes, I have tried replacing the kernel, as suggested before.

Thanks in advance.
No, no. My DVD drive broke, so I can’t put a new CD in to install Linux. It’s not the hard drive. ;)
Let me assure you, NOTHING works, not even booting from USB… I’m not new to Linux, I have tried USB booting, Unetbootin, etc. Not even that will work. It’s not the hard drive and I’m starting to think that the only way I can fix it is to get a new DVD drive, but that will take a long time to get for me.

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