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Comics to download?

I have been having a passion to read comics from my childhood. I was extremely attracted to Phantom, Mandrake and Tarzan. I desire to read those comics once again. Can I know where I can download these comics (in the form of files pdf, doc, etc) preferably free.

I will be extremely oblidged for any websites or links.


which of these linux os is best?

I usually use Windows XP. now i swiched to Ubuntu & wanted to know is this the best linux can do or anyone of these are better?

Red Hat
Santa Fe Linux
Yellow Dog

Mandriva Linux 2008.1?

when you download Mandriva Linux 2008.1 do you have to install it? or is it a non install os system

i want to use yahoo messenger in linux mandrake 10.1
i’m new to linux .send me details………

mandragora autumnalis?

I have been looking for mandragora autumnalis seeds for awhile now but most of the seed suppliers are sold out. I have been succesful in growing mandragora vernalis but now I want to try growing the autumn mandrake . So does anyone Know where I can get some seeds??? thanks
the autumn one is for the more southern climes of the region where it from an dteh spring is from the northern part they are also known as black = autumn an dspring=white mandrakes

mandriva linux help?

i need some help with somethings

first in KDE when i watch a vid in you tube and it finish loading firefox keep closing ramdom times
in gnome firefox crashes at random times

and i want Xfce and fluxbox how do i get it

i don’t have package manager and don’t recomend another OS
i use mandriva one 2008

What if a blind person looks at a Basilisk?

Or a mandrake screams near a deaf person?

Did JK Rowling create mandrakes?

I was going to use some in my story, because I saw that in another story they used Mandrakes. So I was curious if JK Rowling created them. All your help is appreciated.

linux mandriva trouble installing?

i cant install it i get a message saying no path code or something its like i donwloaded it with the program depending on my computer to have the installation pack already so whats the point of downloading then? i got it off a website and it wont install please help guys

Where can i buy a mandrake plant?

Legally and if possible in Arizona. If you have any information regarding the price please include it, thanks :)
i graduated from Hogwarts two years ago Lavender! I live in the USA now and magical plants are tricky to find! hahaha

Computer freezes up?

I have a Compaq that has been acting up lately. I had Windows XP Home Ed. installed on it. I was having problems because windows would not even load up. I attempted to perform full recovery on the hard drive. But it would freeze on the process. I assumed it must have been a windows, so I decided wipe everything and install Linux Mandrake on that machine. The computer still freezes during the linux intallation process. What could be causing this?

deos linux mandriva supports exe files?

Harry Potter Prop making?

I really want to make some props from the Harry Potter films like anything really cool. I dont want to make any wands but I really want to make some cool stuff like, text books, sweet wrappers, special items, a flying key, a mandrake some weird stuff like that I wondered if anyone knew how to make some stuff like this in any way or had some experience of making your own props, or cool HP stuff.
Thanks :)

how to use ethernet?

hi friends i am mandrake linux 9.1 and i don’t idea how to go to bsnl broadband and somebody is telling you can go to broadband by useing ethernet but how to i enable it and how i find the ethernet card on my system pls tell me

how do I install limewire on linux? (mandriva)?

Superhero timeline? urgent?

im in college in year 11 and i need a timeline of superheros, like the date they were created, the date they appeared in comics/movies or other media. its due tomorrow and i cant afford to fail the assignent. i have mandrake the magician(1934) superman(created 1932 – appeared 1938) and batman in 1939. can anyone help please?

The Spectre from DC Comics a Movie?

I was wondering if anone has heard of DC making a SPECTRE movie. Religious beliefs aside I think it would make one hell of a movie if done true to the tom mandrake and ostrander print run of the series. They made CONSTANTINE and it had alot of religious imagry and references, but no one got tee’d off.

I’ve changed the boot order to Optical drive "first" so that it boots from the WinXP CD in the drive, that didn’t work -it simply booted into Mandriva. I also tried it with SATA "disabled", then with SATA "enabled"…either way, the laptop just kept ignoring the WinXP CD and booted into Mandriva. Can someone help out, I absolutely hate Mndriva (while I love Ubuntu and Fedora). Thanx.

need items from ecclesia?

i need to buy killer fish, alexandrite and mandrake root.
i have hours invested and my ds hates me.
can anyone help me out?
thanks for reading,

Satanist, I have a question?

Now, If you stroll down, You should see a item and its labled as "MANDRAKE CUT" And the description is , "Mandrake Cut 1oz. For workings of love, fertility, creativity and increasing magickal potency. .95" Explain to me, What this item is?

which is better to use..?? help pls..?

hi!!! i just want to know which is better to use the debian linux or the Mandrake linux… if debian linux is much more better to use..
Why is is better to use?? and what is the advantage of debian linux to mandrake linux.. need it today pls……. help me!!!

I am trying to learn a new OS and want to know which one would be the most user friendly Bilk you for all I can Gates can just suffer with a FEW LESS BUCKS IN HIS POCKET 5 computers times 0 I think not
Thanks Doug this helps just waiting for it to download ( laptop is a bit slow tonight)