Ok i heard the Linux is a great OS but i have windows XP Professional. So I want Linux but I also want to keep my windows(dual boot…I think thats what its called..idk) cause i have many video games and plan on getting a few more in a few days so I’m not sure if they will run on Linux so it would be nice to have windows there at my disposal.I want to be able to switch between linux and windows and have data like video games,music and other documents on both.

So is this possible?

How much space will this take up?

Will my PC run slower?

Also i heard on this web site: http://apcmag.com/install_linux_from_windows.htm

that I can just download Linux with out going through all the BOIS and booting stuff (because I don’t have a clue about how I would do it)

Will this work?

Any Linux AND/or XP users out there got any good info/tips/ad vis?
And what are some disadvantages of Linux running with windows like it said in the web site.
I also want to use Compiz Fusion so another reason Linux looks cool.
But will both run as if the other wasn’t even there like my games would work on windows even if they don’t run on Linux
Another thing is I don’t want to use the CD(the website i posted mentions a way that doesn’t need a CD and no extra hard drive or what ever please give it a quick look before answering(sorry for not mentioning this sooner.

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