I’ve been a *nix user now for several years, and am still appalled by the lack of interest in it. What is it about Microsoft that makes it sooo appealing. Crashes, backdoors, packages and programs that you constantly have to upgrade. I just don’t get it. Can someone either tell me what is so ‘good’ about Microsoft, or simply just tell me why you like *nix so much…. Thanx!
I totally agree with the Ubuntu statement! They are almost there. And I guess I should have explained myself a bit more. I use *nix because of it’s stability, not because of the games or apps I can play. Does anyone else have a *nix vs MS server issue?
*smiles*.. I also didn’t say I was an Ubuntu user… simply *nix. I personally run BSD on my servers here, and I continue to dabble with Ubuntu hoping something will come of it. Mandriva has been a favorite for years. Nice replies ALL of you. Perspective and not ‘slamming’ on Microsoft. Very interesting! Kudos to ALL of you!

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