I’ve installed MS Virtual PC 2007 on my pc (specs: 1.5Gb RAM, AMD Athlon 64 socket 754 CPU, BarRacuda 160Gb HDD =MID Rate: 683Mbps)
I’ve tried running the Knoppix Live CD in VPC 2007, but it freezes 80% of the way through the boot sequence. I have also tried Kubuntu KDE 8.0.4, which like the Knoppix runs well as a dual boot, however, the Kubuntu installation aborts immediately saying that it can’t run due to the fact that it needs 64/86 architecture, but it has only detected i586 architecture. I’m sure my PC meets the requirements, however I have read mixed reviews of Linux derivatives on MS VPC 2007, but I’m sure there must be a way. I’m currently downloading Mandriva Linux, and I’m hoping I can get it running. I prefer MS VPC 2007, but I also have VM Player installed. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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