i am having a virus on my windows XP, it is called SCCVIHOST.exe, i am not able to delete it by any means, i even formatted the C partition but with no succes also

so i installed LINUX Mandrake 9 on the same PC having the virus so that i can delete the virus from linux by logging into the other paritions dealing with windows:

i was able to install linux and log into the windows partition, but i am not able to delete the files of this virus, the system tells me, that these are read only file system, how can i solve this? if it helps, i got this error when trying to delete the file from the WINDOWS folder !

another question which may sound stupid, i am not able to log into into folders with (spaces) in their names, for example, if i have a folder named (new folder), i write (cd new folder/) but it does not work! linux cannot find the specified folder !!

PLZ any help will be great, i dont want to format the whole Hard disk, thx a lot

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