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In applications) internet) transmission bit torrent client) the files report idle, but I know it works because I can test it on another computer using Windows.
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
yrjokin: thank you very much for your help.

I accidentally moved my top panel to the right side in a weird way so that the objects in the panel got enlarged and I cannot access the Properties of the panel to move it back. I can only use the Applications and Actions menu in the panel. I can’t even delete the panel. Any help on how to fix this w/out resetting my gnome settings would be really appreciated

how to install linux native with windows 7?

My basic operating system is windows 7 , and Recently i need linux for some applications, i want some steps to run linux with windows without using virtual machine , thanks

Just wondering if there’s any os that has the capability to run just about anything.

How do you get Windows on Linux?

What is the best way to run windows applications on ubuntu, without double-booting?

I am trying to create a desktop entry for Lightscribe SimpleLabeler to add it to my Applications menu in Fedora 12. However, I can’t seem to get the "Exec=" line to work. I realize this is a novice question, but what do I put in that field, and how do I find it?
This IS a Linux version of the software. The software is NOT the issue, simply creating a desktop entry for the program IS.

(especially graphical ones for different window systems)

Just wondering if there’s any os that has the capability to run just about anything.

I am used to working with linux and some programs are easier to download via terminal and now that I’ve switched to mac I haven’t found any information regarding download programs through apple terminal

any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

What type of application software that are compatible with windows and linux

Easiest Web programming language on Linux?

i have a linux server, what is the easiest way (language) to build a website?
i think PHP is an overkill, any other idea?

the website should work over SSL and have nice forms, but not so complicated.
any suggestion?

the only important thing is the webpage should be able to run applications on the server.

Good webcam for Ubuntu Linux?

What’s a good webcam that I can use right out of the box in Ubuntu Linux for applications such as Skype, VLC, and also chatting websites?

Anything that’s around 30 dollars.
All answers are appreciated. Thank you.

I’ve chosen Computer Science instead of Music, so I need a cheap but useful comouter for programming (an older OS would do (no older than Windows 98)). It requires serial ports and some USBs would not hurt either. It would also need to be able to run 2 pertitions because I will require Linux too.

Laptop prefered.

I currently have the Adobe CS5 and Linux Mint setup. I was wondering if its possible for me to install adobe applications to linux???

I heard that its possible to install the adobe photoshop cs5 on linux mint. If so, how do I do that?

Thanks. =D

I want to listen to the same music at the same time with 2 computers in my LAN. One is running Linux, the other one Windows XP. So I thought it would be the best to set up server on the linux pc and setup a stream to the other pc. But I don’t know how to do that. What application do you recommend me? Should be easy (fast) to configure. Is this possible without a delay, anyway?

I am a software eng. Developing softwares in foxpro, vb, asp, php, msaccess, mssql. Now i want to go with linux. So which linux version is better for this. And also i need the development tools and database for linux. I want to run the developed applications in windows also…

I am getting into C++ programming but I was wondering. What do I have to do to make sure that my C++ applications are compatible for all the popular Operating Systems? Do I have to do something different to my code or use a different compiler?

I am using Code::Blocks now.


For those who know and understand Linux…?

I’m thinking in migrate from Windows to a Linux operating system… But the main problem to do it is the Linux applications, which I don’t know very well. Could you tell/recommend some applications to me?
I need a good image editor (like Corel Draw and Photoshop in Windows);
A good media player (like Windows Media Player);
A good download manager (like Free Download Manager in Windows);
A nice media converter (like FormatFactory for Windows);
And a nice sound editor.
Those kind of applications are the ones which I use more, so, I need them.
And could you tell me what is your favorite Linux distro too?
Thanks, and sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes.
* With download manager, I meant an application for download common files from web, like music and other suff.

how do i install itunes 10 on linux ubuntu?

I’ve used wine and play on linux to download the application, but it just isn’t working. Every time I click on the application to open it doesn’t open up. Does anyone know what I can do to make it work.
itunes seven is working just fine, but I don’t want the old version i want the newer version.

How do i download stuff on Ubuntu Linux?

I know that u can go to applications>add/remove programs, but how do i download stuff off the web? people talk about this "Wine" thing but i dont know what it does, or how to use it, i am very new to linux so please use steps, thank you.

(choosing best answer)

Developing linux applications?

So i switched to linux after trying it in the past and getting fed up with microsoft. I know c++ and C#. How do i develop applications and GUI’s using thos elanguages. What do i need? Links will get you easy 10 points, thanks

Am wanting to start using a Linux (UBUNTU) for my day trading activities…However, most charting packages are for MS. Is this possible. to do are… it to cumbersome?

I like to keep my programs and drivers up to date, but manually checking is a pain and some programs have an upgrade notifier, but not all, and the ones that do take up resources. I like how Linux distros have something like this, but have nothing like this for Windows!
There actually IS something "magic" like that for just drivers…works for pretty uncommon drivers as well, but its free version limits you to two downloads a day.
It’s called DriverMax.

I have one desktop, a netbook, and an old laptop. I no of many linux applications I like to run and have trouble getting rid of some of the ones that come with linux distros that i have no need for. Especially with my netbook only having 4gb of space i would like to be able to have just the ones I want installed. I want to be able to install one linux system on all three that will allow me to afterwards add a desktop enviorment or window manager as i see fit and then apps. If there is an easy way to take a distro and then change the desktop enviornment wheather terminal commands or gui that would help any ideas will be appreciated ill write messages if you need more info.