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Hi,I am doing a project titled Web Monitor and Port Control Over IP as a part of final year academic project(.Net Platform).My question is,weather can i run shell script from the server program to enable/disable physical port of the client system running linux operating system?

I have recently received a notebook computer from a friend, and I would like to install a nice OS that is user friendly and higher security, now I would like to know which one between linux and Windows meets the mentioned characteristics.

My comp requires the operating system with 64 bit. It is Acer ASPIRE 5520

I am confused about which linux OS to use ?

any suggestions. I want to use it for programming and learning UNIX commands.

IE, could I boot Puppy from BIOS, OR just proceed to windows and access a "toolbox" for fixing computers, without negatively affecting how Puppy boots?

My computer freezes when I go to yahoo mail.

What is a stable Linux OS made for servers?

Or takes up very very low amounts of RAM.

I do not have any experience on anything but windows xp and want to try linux

where to download linux os for free ?

what ‘s the best one ,and how to burn it to dvd ?
thank you for help .

Hi, i want to keep my current os windows xp but install linux mint. Is it possible to do this by partitioning, if so how do i do it?

Also, will this slow down my laptop or anything like that? Remove any programs etc. Will it all be safe?

Thank you :D

What is the Fastest Linux OS?

I want to know what the fastest Linux OS is, and that will be able to run World of Warcraft smoothly

What about Blue Screen errors? Im having problems with XP that are frustrating me so much and I’m about ready to switch over if I won’t have any more problems.

How good is the linux os paired with the ps3?

I downloaded the file, and installed the jre as per java’s instructions. It still will not work! ANY help is appreciated!

(Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSUSE,Fedora, Knippix,… )

I Need a Linux OS that works with a E220 dongle?

Can anyone recommend a lightweight Linux OS that works with a 3 Huwei E220 dongle? The laptop is a v.old 400Mhz Celeron with 128Mb RAM, but is only needed for surfing. Thanks

can one install Linux o s on the pc( which already has Windows2000/xp )on another partition of the hard disc (already created in it ) and work on either system at will ? If yes , what will be required ?And can one get the Linux free of cost ?

What is the fastest Linux OS for 2010?

I am planning on hosting a server for a game but I want to have the fastest linux based OS of 2010. I have 8gb ram, an i7 860 processor at 2.8ghz, and 1tb storage.

I’m switching to ubuntu but i dont know yet where to download the drivers for my laptop.

Please tell me where i can get it.

Best Linux OS for streaming media on PS3?

Which distro of Linux should I install on my PS3?

My ONLY purpose in installing Linux is to stream media from my network storage. So it needs to be able to access my DNS and have the best and/or simplest playback of files such as MKV and DV AVI.

linux OS from usb with external hard drive?

I am going to install Ubuntu to a USB. And I am having a hard time partitioning my hard drive without losing any information on it.

So I was wondering. Can I install Ubuntu to a USB and have an external hard drive instead of an internal one? And if I can, how would I go about doing that?

Will it? I never had tried Linux, and I do not know what the ups and downs are compared to Windows. Someone care to help? Thanks!

If i put some kind of server os on this computer that i have, does that mean I can just go to networks in Windows 7 and save stuff to it even if it’s a Linux Server?

How can I open a zip file on a Linux OS?

I reaceently installed the LInux OS in my PC and now the sound is not working, does anybody know what can I used and or do to fix the problem?
Thanks in advance