I’m trying to identify a cartoon I saw on Venezuelan TV around 1980. It featured a lone hero who was somehow a magician of a lonely, ghoulish kind. He had a staff with one sharp end and an orb at the other. He also had a cape, and possibly a body suit. The name had something to do with the word "phantasm" or possibly "mandrake" (but it wasn’t the U.S. comic-strip character Mandrake). I thought it was a U.S. show, but now realize it may have been Japanese.

Sorry the details are hazy – I was about 8 years old at the time, but as you can tell, the weird feel of the show made an impression.
No, it’s neither the Phantom (the guy in the blue body suit who lives in the jungle) or his buddy Mandrake (the stage-magician type).

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