I know nothing about C!
In the same time I want to catch up with the latest stuff and go with C# but I also want to learn about C in Linux, sockets and a liitle bit of lower level like C(do not give me assembly)
I do not know wich one to start off with first and every single time I decide on something, I try and find tutorials, but I suddenly feel that want to go back to the other one! It is a weird feeling and I also think I got some mental problem ! Please help me with this and do not tell me to look on the other discovered questions!
Could I go with both at the same time since they have a similar syntax?? (not really similar but close)
I forgot to mention that I am not interested in money right now since i am only 14!
That is because when i will be in the stage of making money of it there will be even better languages than c#

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